Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains many healing attributes. It's referred to in many ancient texts, as well as the bible. It has been documented that one of the first users was Cleopatra, from 68 to 30 B.C. She has used the aloe gel to protect her skin from the sun and claimed that it kept her youthful looking. The Egyptians have also used Aloe Vera to embalm bodies, among many other uses.

aloe vera

In the year 6 B.C, a Greek doctor discovered that Aloe Vera was an effective plant in treating many ailments. From severe skin burns, insect bites, and any irritations to kidney problems and intestinal problems.

Aloe Vera is full of vitamin C, E and zinc, and is useful to heighten enzymes and enhance immunity. Many studies have been made to prove that Aloe Vera speeds healing time, especially from burns, including radiation. It also heals the skin after facial dermabrasion procedures, as it removes scar tissue from the top layer of the skin. When applied on the skin, it helps to soften and moisturize, improve effectiveness of sun screens and relieve swelling and itching of irritated skin.

It can be taken internally as a juice or used as a topical gel.

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