11 Ways to Motivate Men to do More Yoga

Written by Brian Adam.

Men need yoga as much as women do and not just for flexibility. Men also experience health issues such as obesity, poor heart health and sexual issues that may develop when they do not adopt an active, healthy lifestyle. Even though many public organizations initiate campaigns to make people aware of these adverse attributes of an unhealthy lifestyle, as much as 60% of adults that reside in the United States is following a sedentary lifestyle, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This statistic strongly correlates to the fact that over 60% of American adults are overweight, with half of these individuals having a BMI that is 30 or higher, making them obese.

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Physical exercise is important for maintaining a healthy weight, but for a lot of men, going to the gym, taking a jog or lifting heavy weights might seem like a dreadful task. Practicing yoga can be an effective alternative to these forms of exercise as it has numerous amazing benefits similar to going to the gym, as well as additional benefits that extends to your wellbeing. If you are a man and you’ve been thinking about doing yoga, then here are 11 facts that will help you get motivated for yoga.

1. Better Sexual Stamina

Yes, we are going to start out by telling you that yoga is very beneficial for your sex life. This is something that you have probably already read about, so we’ve decided to cover it first and get it over with. Yoga is a form of exercise that has the ability to enhance your stamina; thus allowing you to participate in sexual activities for longer periods of time without feeling tired or weak.

2. Reduced Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

If you are suffering from symptoms, then you’ll be glad to know that yoga might become your secret weapon to restoring your normal erectile function. According to Healthline, several yoga poses are effective in reducing the severity of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Some of these poses include the Paschimottanasana, the Baddha Konasana, the Janu Sirsana and the Uttanasana.

3. Delayed Ejaculations

We all want sex to last as long as possible, but when problems like delayed ejaculation presents itself, it may become difficult to last long. Once you have ejaculated, the sexual mood will end and sex will end before you had pleasured your partner. The Health Site reports that yoga delays ejaculations amongst men who experiences premature ejaculation and helps them last longer while they are having sex.

4. Improved Endurance

Endurance is important for going on long runs, having sex for hours on end, for going on a hiking trip and for many other physical activities. When you do lack in the endurance sector, then you won’t be able to participate in many physical activities without feeling exhausted during the activity. Yoga has the ability to enhance your endurance so that you can perform better in these particular activities.

5. You’ll Be Less Like To Obtain Injuries

Muscle injuries are very common amongst men, and can be caused by an athletic activity or even from simply walking in the wrong way. With yoga, the muscles in your body will become stronger. Your flexibility also improves and you have a greater range of motion. In turn, this contributes to a lower risk of obtaining injuries while walking, running or even while competing on the track.

6. Your Blood Flows Better

Blood circulation is important for your organs, your brain, your muscles and even for your penis. The entire body relies on blood to perform, and when blood circulation is poor, many adverse effects may develop. Yoga is recommended to improve blood circulation, which leads to numerous benefits for your body such as better concentration, better heart health and even better erections.

7. You Will Feel Less Stress And Anxious

Stress and anxiety causes a lot of problems in the average person’s life. Stress at the workplace and at home continues to build up, and eventually causes an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and even some diseases. Yoga is known to place the body in a state that causes feelings of relaxation, which helps to reduce stress and even get rid of anxiety symptoms.

8. You’ll Bulk Up

Afraid that switching to yoga instead of lifting weights will cause you to lose muscle mass and become too skinny? Don’t worry, as yoga is able to build up your muscle mass at an impressive rate. Your body’s weight is used to your advantage while practicing yoga, which causes you to bulk up on muscle, instead of scaling down.

9. How About Better Performance At The Workplace

Work can be stressful and aiming for a better position requires outstanding performance from your side that will impress your superiors. Yoga even has benefits for the performance you exert at your workplace. These exercises causes an improvement in memory, boosts your energy levels and helps you make better decisions, amongst other benefits. The combination of enhancements may contribute toward a better performance at the workplace, which can only benefit your career in the future.

10. Need A New Challenge? Try Yoga

For quite a large number of men, going to the gym can be quite boring since they often have to participate in the exact same exercises every day. Eventually, performing these exercises become second nature to them and brings no excitement to their lives. If you are looking for a new challenge, then yoga might be just the thing you need to introduce to your life.

11. Want To Save Money? Yoga Is Here To Help

Finally, we want to note the fact that yoga is not only a way to improve your flexibility, fitness and health, but also a great way to save money in more than one ways. Yoga builds strength and improves your fitness, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. This means you’ll save money on a gym membership. Yoga also improves your health in numerous ways; thus lowering your risk of developing illnesses, which reduces your medical bills. Yoga also does not require any expensive equipment, which is another way in which this exercise saves you money.


A lot of men think that going to the gym and lifting heavy weights is the only way for them to become fit and build muscles. While a gym membership does hold many benefits for men, it can also be expensive and even time-consuming. Instead, men who do not want to jog and lift heavy weights at home can opt for yoga as a form of exercise. If you are not sure if yoga is for you, then the facts we shared here are sure to get you motivated to do some yoga.

Brian Adam, I am a Health Writer, Researcher, and Advisor with a passion for Men’s Health and Wellness, places a strong emphasis on Diet as well, believing that the Combination of Exercise, a Healthy Diet, and a Positive Mindset is the best way to achieve one's Full Potential. I write on most of the topics related to Healthcare, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, etc. Each and every piece of content I produce is completely researched. Love content creation basically; however, I'm excellent at it when it comes down to the health care community.

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