Mother of all Creation!

Written by Vera Del Vecchio.

Mothers may I please remind you of who you are? How you are truly valuable, loving and important to humanity and all life on Earth. That may be why Mother Earth is female?

mother earth

I will pass on the story of what I remember that was passed on to me through Yogi Bhajan's teachings:

There was a group of women that were living in a community. It was a place of great tension, anger and resentment taking place with these women. The concerns believed were; one woman was taking another woman's man; one woman borrowed something and did not return it; one woman was jealous because she wanted what someone else had...beauty, fame, riches... ; one woman was always picked on and abused verbally and physically; and the list goes on and on.... Finally, it came to a point that Yogi Bhajan said Enough! I will teach you to become the true women you were born to be. And so Yogi Bhajan started the Woman's teaching. For a time period, Yogi Bhajan encouraged women to attend a woman's camp and taught them everything from woman's yogic teachings, meditation, healthcare, foods and even self defence.

One of the teachings were about; women were created very different than men. Women were created with an imprint mind. That means that a woman's mind does not forget things easily. A man could do something wrong and he may forget all about it the next hour or day and move on. But a woman may not forget what that man did and remind him for a day, or for years. This is an example of an imprint mind. Now woman are given this special gift because for instance; if she gets pregnant, then she has the responsibly to care for that child for the next 20 years. But it also works to her disadvantage because remembering everything means it is much easier to hold resentment and grudges toward loved ones. Women have to work harder to let go. We all make mistakes and forgiving become reality. We are after, we are all human and perfectly imperfect!

Woman is the most powerful channel of God. You do not have an experience of what a woman is. Woman are the entire creativity. Woman is the bounty, the beauty and the blissfulness, God's grace.

Yogi Bhajan

The beauty of a Mother or woman is in her majesty, her oneness, her living and showing by example of herself as a woman. Mothers and woman are blessed with the majesty of bountiful beauty. Through their commitment and grace, Mothers and Women are creating a positive change and giving people a destiny. Mothers and Women give humanity for the human race, for nations, for countries, for people, for the world, and for the earth. Mothers and Women are the glue that hold the family, communities and society together. They are the first teachers of life to cultivate harmony and peace to grow through their caring protection. Women cultivate a special environment for a Man to grow to his greatest potential and honour.

I can promise you that if you ever want to see and feel the majesty of God, you can only see and feel it through a very beautiful, loving, legendary woman. A woman is a legend who will live forever and around her the entire universe and creativity of God will revolve. A woman is an unstopping coincidence of the psyche which God wanted to experience Himself. Without the grace and respect of a Woman, there will never be peace on earth.

Yogi Bhajan

Mothers are the heartbeat that planted the seed of the creation of new beginnings whether you have given birth or not. You are born to be Mother Earth - the guardian, teacher and protector of life! We need your grace, strength and guidance for our future of the Aquarian Age more that ever.

Mothers please open up your heart to rejoice to be given the gift to be a woman. You are a real grace, loving, compassionate and beautiful legend. Honour each other as Mothers and Women. Embrace yourself and everyone and learn to live to communicate through a contagious a uniting loving smile. May we honour and uplift Mothers with heartfelt appreciation. After all, none of us would be here if it wasn't for the pain, joy, strength, and grace of our Mothers giving birth to us! Thank you, with love forever!

Yogi Bhajan poem dedicated to Women:

Woman the Beloved.The Beloved is One who has achieved the radiance of Light of the Infinite,
The Beloved is the essence of totality and creativity of all that which we call Godhood.
In essence, the Beloved reaches the excellence of Excellence as a female,
When she turns around and touches things, all becomes pure happiness of
When she calls, zillions of musicians with divine incarnated song sing the glory and
create the sound which gladdens every area where it is heard.
It is the creativity of that consciousness which exists once in the experience of Godhood,
Yogi Bhajan poem dedicated to Women:
like the bursting sun.
because woman represents the creativity of God.
sublimity to the essence of Godhood.
It is the music of music.
It is the life of the life.
seldom, but surely,
And that is the status of the Beloved.
It is the ultimate end of every woman to reach that stage.

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