The Mirrored Image of Ourselves

When we look in the mirror, we can discover the truth about ourselves. It can be beautiful or distorted. The way in which we view, judge and love ourselves determines how others will view, judge and love us back.

mirrored image

What you see in the mirror is more than just outer beauty, it's about your perceptions, judgements and thoughts. Many of us judge anything and everything, even if we don't understand it. Really we are judging ourselves and others at the same time.

Judging only serves one purpose. It temporarily removes us from our own pain and discomforts. But it also goes beyond that. It harms our psychological and spiritual development. This can keep us isolated, separated and closed off to giving and receiving love. The more judgemental you become, the more people and relationships in your life will become artificial, forced and unfulfilled.

It's possible to change and let go of all the big judgements in your life, releasing one at a time. If this is done, then you can stop the flow of judgements completely. Once this happens, your heart will expand and open to love and joy. You will view yourself as beautiful internally and externally, therefore giving and receiving love will flow naturally.

The process of change and growth is like the process of peeling away layers of an onion, one by one. Once you start to peel away the judgement layer, a deeper layer can be seen. The real and true you can appear. That's the image you want to see in the mirror, and it's what others want to see.

Once you can see yourself clearly and with much love and inner beauty, you will project that kind of clarity to the world. Your life will improve dramatically and attract kindness all around you.