Mira Saraf

The 90 Day Yoga Challenge

Mira Saraf shares her experience doing a 90 day challenge of Bikram Yoga. They say what happens on your yoga mat is a reflection of what is going on in your outside life.

Yoga for Memory

Practicing yoga and pranayama breathing can empower and boost your brain power and memory. The clearer your mind, the more powerful it becomes. Find out what yoga techniques you can do to boost your memory.

Yoga for Singles

Yoga can be an alternative approach to dating for singles. Meeting likeminded people that value wellness and health is a growing trend through singles and partner yoga. Find out how to meet a yogi near you!

Full Moon & Yoga

Should you be practicing yoga on a full moon? Yoga brings you more in tune with nature. Find out why it was tradition for ashtanga yoga not to be practiced on full moon or new moon days.

Silent Yoga Class

Silent yoga forces you to focus on your breath and helps you push beyond your limits to experience the true meditative value of yoga. Mira Saraf shares her experience practicing her first silent yoga class.

Competitive Yoga

Is it right or wrong to compete in yoga? Competitive yoga has been practiced in India for over 2000 years. The question remains as to whether a more spiritual side of yoga will ever enter a North American competition.

The Search for the Perfect Yoga Mat

Searching for the perfect yoga can be tough, especially if you're going to spend hours of your life on the mat doing yoga. Mira Saraf shares with us her experience on finding the perfect yoga mat.

Yoga Wear

People have started emptying their wallets for stylish yoga wear, as certain brands are taking over the market that aren't so affordable to most. Mira Saraf has done her research on different looks and fabrics on yoga wear.

What if you're in a Mediocre Relationship?

Every couple goes through the so-called "honey-moon" phase, where the first few months you just gaze into each others eyes. After awhile you reach your comfort zone and wonder why you'd miss your old life....

Black Tourmaline & Evil Eye

Black Tourmaline is a special stone known to absorb negative energy in your life. Rubbing it is also said to bring luck. Mira Saraf explains how she dealt with the turmoil in her life using this Black Tourmaline evil eye shield.

Yoga - Changing your Life one Posture at a Time

Mira Saraf took the 30 day yoga challenge, where she was drenched in perspiration for 90 minutes each day. She is sharing with us how her 30 day experience changed her life for the better one posture at a time.

Is Yoga Expensive in Toronto?

Mira Saraf shares with us her views on the question: "is yoga expensive in Toronto?" and the differences between practicing yoga in a studio vs. a gym. Yoga is much more than a physical journey, that might be worth the expense.