MegaFood Winter Wellness

I received an awesome MegaFoods Winter Wellness package, which includes everything you need to stay strong and healthy this winter season.

MegaFood Winter Wellness

MegaFoods uses farm fresh fruits and vegetables for their supplements, which is the closest you can get to eating real food. This provides a great source of authentic nourishment for your body.

Inner health is important to maintain a balanced and happy life. Even if we eat nutritiously dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables and healthy grains on a daily basis, we still may not be getting essential nutrition from our diet. So taking vitamins is important for extra support.

I eat very healthy, but like to take supplements for certain deficiencies. I take Vitamin C and Zinc all year round, and vitamin D in the winter time. This way I enjoy the extra health benefits.

I'm loving the Vitamin C Booster Powder, as I add it to orange juice or to a vegetable smoothie in the morning. I like knowing that I'm taking an added boost of antioxidants and recharging my immune system.

Items included in the Winter Wellness Package:

Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder

This Vitamin C powder is made with organic whole oranges, with added blueberry, cranberry and astragalus root to help nourish your immune system. You can add one scoop to any juice, smoothie or shake and enjoy the natural flavor. This is my favorite, as it tastes tangy, with no added sugars or sweeteners.

Complex C

Vitamin C supports your immune system and promotes cell and tissue health. This is important during the winter months to help avoid catching a cold. If you do get sick, then you'll recover quicker, as your body will fight the bacteria or virus on contact. I like to take vitamin C daily as it also keeps my skin glowy and radiant.

Vitamin D3

During the winter months we don't seem to be getting enough Vitamin D, due to lack of sun, especially here in Canada. We have lots of dark, depressing cloudy and cold days.

Vitamin D delivers amino acids to help replenish the body, promotes hormone production and overall well being. So if you're feeling sad and depressed, be sure to include this supplement.


Zinc supports healthy tissue development, immune function and provides healthy hormone levels. It is also great for wound recovery. Having Zinc deficiency can accelerate aging, cause lower energy levels, chronic fatigue, infertility, bad memory and inability to focus.

Dream Release

This formulation promotes restorative sleep and relaxation, so you can reach a lucid dream state. This is great for those who have insomnia and want a natural method to falling asleep at night.

Pure Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has a combination of fatty acids, including Vitamin E that are important to maintain health and balance. It has more polyunsaturated fats than any other vegetable oil. It is excellent for salad dressing, frying and baking. By the way, it's also great for your skin.

This oil is included in this package to make a lovely body oil using dried Calendula flowers. Recipe is included.

DIY Calendula Oil

What a great idea... This Calendula Sunflower Seed Oil recipe can be used all winter long to soothe and protect your skin against the cold and dry temperatures. You just grind the flowers, add 1.5 cups sunflower oil, and voila... in 2-3 weeks you have a nice body oil. I'm loving this stuff. My skin is so soft and smooth!

Blender Bottle

This blender bottle is perfect for creating smoothies or juices with the booster powder, so that it all mixes well.

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