Mama Cloth Boutique

I'm so hooked on Mama Cloth reusable pads. They are by far the best ones I've ever tried. They are so soft and comfortable, as they are made of organic bamboo velour and dyed with eco-friendly dyes. It feels like you're wearing nothing but soft underwear. Very absorbent and easy to clean. Say goodbye to chemicals and save a lot of money in the long run. Once you try Mama Cloth, you can't go back to using anything else.

Mama Cloth Boutique

What I love about these pads is that they are very thin and protect really well. The fabric touching the skin is bamboo velour, the inner layer is organic hemp cotton fleece with antibacterial properties and a special PUL backed for leak prevention. There are options of hemp, bamboo and cotton. You can choose the colour and print that you like. There's black, grey, teal and purple.

I've been using these cloth pads as a backup for the menstrual cup. The 9" velour pad at night and the 7.5" velour panty liner during the day. I also got a thong panty liner, which I love as they are great for light days at the end of the cycle.

I would totally recommend Mama Cloth Boutique to anyone who wants to try going natural for their menstrual cycle or want disposable items for babies. So many benefits: saving money, reducing waste, protecting our bodies from harmful chemicals and comfort on our intimate skin. Once you try cloth pads, you will never go back to anything else.

Mama Cloth Shop are located in Oshawa, Ontario and sell everything reusable. Not only panty liners and pads, but also wash cloths, kitchen towel rolls, cosmetic pads, nursing pads, toilet paper rolls, flannel hankies and travel wet bags.

Check out mamacloth.ca to try out their cloth hygiene products.

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