Live Raw Recipe Book Review

Live Raw Recipe Book

I'd like to thank Mimi Kirk for sending me her amazing Live Raw Recipe Book. She won PETA's nationwide contest for the title Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50. She is such an inspiration, as she looks so healthy, vibrant and happy for her age. It's unbelievable that she looks amazing at the age of 74.

The Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty is loaded with nutrient dense recipes that only use raw ingredients, and nothing is cooked at a high temperature. Some of the recipes require using a blender, food processor, vegetable juicer, spiral slicer, ice cream maker or a food dehydrator.

Eating raw foods provides you with the ultimate nourishment that you need to look and feel younger and healthier.

When you eat processed foods with preservatives, you're not getting the proper nutrition that you need. All the sodium, fats, sugars and chemicals pass through the digestive tract, and your body absorbs all the toxins, which causes a lot of health problems. Hormonal imbalances, fatigue, arthritis, acne and headaches are just a few issues that most people suffer with at some point in their lives, especially as they get older.

This recipe book contains foods and drinks that are easy and fun to prepare. There is definitely something to satisfy and fulfill any taste buds in this Raw Food Recipe Book.

Here are the sections:

A lot of people think raw food is tasteless and boring, but once you get a hold of this recipe book, you'll be shocked to see how yummy and creative these recipes really are. Imagine making an apple pie with a crust made of macadamia nuts and walnuts... That would be so creative and tasty, as most of the foods in this book.

live raw foods

I'm so happy to learn how to combine and prepare all kinds of meals, snacks, soups and desserts with Mimi Kirk's Raw Recipe Book. Everyone knows that health is wealth, and this is one step closer to living a life of timeless beauty, joy and happiness that you deserve.

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