Learning to Let Go

Written by Colette Barry.

While driving to the coffee house every morning before work, have you paused to wonder if it is really necessary? There is a satisfying sensation that befalls you when you take the first sip out of the mug. So can this sensation be attributed to your body's attempt at fulfilling the caffeine addiction or is it simply because it is pleasurable?


Cocooned in your Comfort Zone

Attachment is a subtle process that creeps under your skin allowing experiences to become ingrained in your existence without your conscious awareness. There is always a pleasant beginning. Can you recall the experience of your first ever sip of coffee? The delicious aroma that it arouses, the strong flavor hitting your taste buds and the warm sensation running down your throat. So by holding on to the memory of your first pleasant experience you were eager to repeat the sensation over and over again.

This repetition made that experience or object a gratifying part of your routine and even before you knew, you were hooked! Most habitual coffee addicts shift to decaf instead of completely giving up coffee because they enjoy the feeling that the sip reproduces every time. As Sean Convey states, "We become what we repeatedly do". But let us ask the question again. Is it really necessary to recreate the experience if the habit is damaging you?

Learning to Break Free

The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.

Steve Maraboli

One thing that yoga teaches us is that the journey is about letting go. Each session embarks on letting go of who you think you are. You have to shed the worries that dictate your everyday life and indulge in the peace and tranquil of a state 'detached' by the experiences that govern your existence. By letting go of what you are meant to look like, feel like and most importantly what we think, you put a seal on the unimportant, negative and destructive stream of thoughts that command your life.

Living Beyond your Confines

What yoga teaches us is that life is more than just graduating with flying colors, landing in a ideal job and starting a happy family. Yoga makes you to shun your myopic views of life enabling you to set up challenges for yourself to make your physical body experience new limitations. Letting go can be a frightening experience as you remove yourself from your comfort zone and enter an unfamiliar setting.

But the beauty of yoga lies in the fact that as much as you are trying to escape your physical existence, you are still comforted by the fact that you are sitting on the same yoga mat within your familiar body. Yoga serves as a safe haven which anchors you to your identity while you set out to explore new horizons. For this reason, holding on to yoga is good for us compared of the destructive habits that we breed.

If you are doing yoga right with the right mindset, it will never harm you because it focuses on the dynamic and constant evaluation of exploring beyond your comfort zone while reassured by this sense of security. This way yoga keeps you in check, so that you could be confident that it is safe to let go as long as you learn and respect your boundaries.

Letting Go Meditation Video
VIDEO - This meditation will help you to let go of negative tendencies. Take in joy. Experience the grace that arises in your mind after it has been purified through concentrated effort.

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