Videos of Kate

Triangle Pose
In this video, you will see triangle pose, which tones your leg muscles, abdominals and opens up your heart chakra.
Warrior Series
In this video, you will see warrior 1,2 and 3, which are great standing postures to strengthen and lengthen your legs and tone your nervous system.
Standing Twist
Kate McKinnon demonstrates a standing side twist, which is a great way to stretch your back and improve your posture.
Shoulder Stand
Kate McKinnon demonstrates a shoulder stand, which is an inverted yoga pose that invigorates your body.
Kate McKinnon demonstrates an unsupported headstand, which is a great inversion to bring in fresh nutrients to your brain.
Happy Baby Pose
Kate McKinnon teaches you happy baby pose, which is amazing for your lower back and opening up your hips.
Half Moon Pose
Kate McKinnon teaches you half moon pose, which is a balancing pose that strengthens your hips, buttocks and legs.
Tree Pose
Tree pose is a wonderful balancing posture that improves your memory, concentration and focus.
Eagle Pose
Kate McKinnon teaches you how to do eagle pose, which is a wonderful yoga posture for strength and balance.
Dancer's Pose
Kate McKinnon teaches you how to do dancer's pose, which is a beautiful balance posture that improves flexibility and strength.
Crow Pose
Kate McKinnon shows you how to do crow pose, which is wonderful for increasing upper body strength.
Butterfly Pose
Kate McKinnon shows you how to do butterfly pose, which is a great stretch for your thighs.
Yoga Postures before Bedtime
Kate McKinnon demonstrates 5 yoga postures that can help promote better sleep and reduce insomnia.
Guided Meditation
Kate McKinnon takes you through a beautiful relaxing meditation. You can be in a seated position or in corpse pose.
Partner Yoga with Kate and Milena
Kate McKinnon and Milena show you some yoga postures that you can do together with your partner to get a great stretch.


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