Kara Scalp Detox Salon

I got the pleasant opportunity to visit Kara Scalp Detox Salon in Toronto for an amazing deep cleansing detoxification scalp treatment. I was so excited to try it out. We've all heard of cleansing our bodies to get rid of toxins that accumulate over time. Well the same is true for our scalp. Getting rid of accumulated build up from styling products will definitely lead to healthy hair.

kara scalp detox

The treatment began with a microscopic analysis of your scalp to identify any hair density, thickness or hair loss problems. You can actually see an up-close and personal view of each hair strand and the condition of your scalp right to the hair follicle. Seeing the product build up was a bit embarrassing at first, but then I realized that detoxing your scalp is a must, and is something that most people don't even think about.

kara scalp detox

Their were lots of steps involved in this scalp detox treatment. During the whole process, my feet were in a foot and calf massager in order to increase blood circulation to the head. This was quite relaxing and enjoyable. It all began with:

Then the detoxification process began:

Ending with nutrients to the scalp:

After the treatment, my head felt like a million bucks, with the cleanest feeling ever. My hair felt so squeaky clean, shiny and soft.

Seeing the after microscopic analysis, I couldn't believe how clean my scalp was. You can actually see a difference before and after the treatment. I was so pleased with the results, and would definitely do it again. Even a week later, my hair felt healthier, thicker and happy.

This hair treatment is beneficial to anyone who:

Kara Scalp Detox Salon
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