Just Live Activewear

Just Live provides beautiful activewear that's fashion friendly, looks hot on the body and feels like second skin. I received the Sunset Lace leggings that are like a rainbow of color for your eyes. It starts off with purple at the waist, then red, orange and yellow going down your legs. Talk about sexy...

Just Live Activewear

Just Live Activewear invented a 4-way stretch material called YOLON, which is organically sourced. It's moisture wicking, odor resistant, UV protective, fade proof and silky soft on your skin. It's the perfect line of fitness lifestyle wear that looks good on the body for yoga or working out, and stylish enough to wear anywhere.

The legging styles that are available are quite unique and bright in color. Lots of different prints to choose from. It's such a change from the typical solid colored yoga leggings that you see everywhere. Finally a brand that I can say amazing quality and gorgeous...

The brand itself is steadily growing since 2010, and 10% of all profits are donated to charity, which I think is awesome.

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