Juil Sandals Review

I'd like to thank Juil for sending me a lovely pair of sandals that keep you grounded to the earth with every step you take. They have special sole conductors that provide you with an open connection to the earth.

Wearing these sandals is the closest you can get to walking barefoot. Being in touch with the earth improves your well-being and inner peace.

Juil Sandals

These Juil sandals are so stylish, unique and comfortable. They give your feet a chance to absorb and connect to the natural energies of the earth.

There are six conductors per sandal, one for each toe, and one for your heel. As you walk in these sandals, your exposure to Electromagnetic fields or EMF's become more balanced. With so much technology around our lives, we are surrounded by EMF's on a constant basis.

Our over exposure to computers, TV's, WiFi hotspots and cell phones can damage cell membranes in our bodies, and lead to unnatural free radical production.

Juil Sandals

Walking in Juil sandals feels absolutely amazing. The leather is soft, and molds to your skin, and each step you take provides comfort and balance for your feet.

You have various styles and fabulous colors to choose from. You can can wear these sandals casually or dress them up, which makes them quite useful, as they can compliment any wardrobe.

I was surprised by the beautiful packaging. They included a yoga mat bag as a gift. The overall presentation was excellent. Juil sandals combine everything you would want for your feet and more.

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