Iyashi Bedrock Spa Experience

I've been going to Iyashi Bedrock Spa for rock bathing and yin yoga for about 7 months now, and I must say that I absolutely love it. I always look forward to going, as my body and mind craves some relaxation.

Rock bathing involves lying down on a heated silica stone bed heated to 44C. This is different than a sauna, as the heat rises from the stone onto your body. This type of heat is also very therapeutic, as the natural black stone comes from Japan and has many benefits.

bridge pose

Adding the yin yoga on the hot bedrock is really a plus, as you're holding each posture for a longer time, therefore reaching and stimulating deep tissues.

The first thing you'll notice after each session is 'glowing skin.' I've gotten so many compliments on my smooth and refreshed looking skin for the past few months, and I always say 'it's Iyashi Spa'. The reason for this is that the spa treatment increases your body's core temperature. This is very detoxifying, and promotes circulation, skin regeneration and oxygenation.

During the week I take lots of yoga/fitness training classes, so sometimes my muscles become sore and achy, especially when I'm doing circuit and weight training. I've been noticing that going for rock-bathing sessions really helps to disperse and metabolize the lactic acid that gets built up in the body. It definitely helps to relieve muscle pains, and is great for any athletic related injuries. I would highly recommend rock bathing for anyone in the fitness or sports industry.

Even my mom enjoys coming for rock bathing and yin yoga classes. She likes the fact that your skin becomes so refreshed, clean looking and tightened after each session. Over the past few months, she's also noticed that you can lose weight and tone up your body, as you're getting rid of excess fats through the detoxifying process. It's also helped with arthritis aches and pains.

Going to Iyashi Bedrock Spa is a great addition to you weekly health and beauty regimen.

Yin Yoga at Iyashi Spa Video
I'm practicing some yin yoga postures on a hot bedrock that's heated to 44C. There are many therapeutic benefits to experiencing a hot yoga session at Iyashi Spa.

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