Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga

Yoga can help you develop an awareness of sensations and sensitivity within your body which can enhance your sex life. Yoga balances the body and mind to help reach optimum health. If you're not healthy, then you can't have a fulfilling sex life. Yoga postures and breathing help you relax by clearing away stress and worry, which can effect your sexual mood. Even people who are completely impotent can revive their potency and regain their sex life back.

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Natural herbs can help enhance your sexual appetite. Chewing on licorice root is a great aphrodisiac that's been used to revive lingering sexual desire for centuries.

Including yoga in your life can deepen your sexual enjoyment. Yoga improves flexibility, increases strength, tones your muscles and prepares the body for as much sex as you desire. You can discover new sexual positions, as you will become more aware, adventurous and confident of your body.

Regular yoga practice and meditations can help get rid of negative thoughts about your appearance and any unnecessary mind chatter. When you lack body confidence, you are less likely to enjoy sex.

During yoga practice, you squeeze and contract the pelvic floor muscles. This improves circulation and strengthens the pelvic region of your body, which can give you longer and stronger orgasms.

Yoga keeps you healthy, lean and fit. When you're in great physical shape, you have more energy, your muscles are at a relaxed state and your mind is calm. This can improve your sexuality.

As far as Tantric sex goes, it's all about the mind, not the body. Tantric couples plan and prepare for their lovemaking sessions. The result can be passionate, erotic and beautiful. Tantric sex is considered sacred, unlike western cultures, where sex is more spontaneous.

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