Improve Balance with Yoga

Balance is important for people like athletes. In the same way as flexibility, strength and mobility, balance is required to get your body to its optimum level. At optimum level, the body functions at its highest performance without having to borrow strength from other parts of the body. This means that no part of the body will be strained or stressed after a hassle day at work or going for an exercise. To lack balance in the body increases the possibility of injuries, which is important to avoid for everyone and isn't just for athletes.

tree pose

What Balance is All About

Balance is not just the coordination of the physical being but the symmetrical balance of the body, from the left to the ride side, the front to the back and the high and low part of the body. This is one thing that many people definitely lack although they may not know this. They may be strong in some parts of their body, probably the parts they use most, but on the other side, they're not as strong. For example, if a person can bend forward all the way to touch their toes, they should also be able to bend backwards if they had proper balance.

How Yoga can Improve your Balance

By doing yoga, the physical and breathing exercises can help in strengthening the core of the body and improve the reflexes, making it easier to improve the body's physical balance and hormonal balance. Various kinds of yoga include exercises that are aimed in strengthening the abdominal muscles as well as the back muscles, two of the most important groups of muscles with that affect the physical balance of the person. No matter how young or old the person is, there are yoga exercises that can still help in the body to reach its full potential.

Yoga Poses to Improve Balance

Before going into the more advanced yoga positions, the first exercise is the adept pose, a simple meditation position that serves to help the mind focus. In improving the physical balance of a person, it all starts in balancing the mind.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is one of the most popular poses that can help to improve the balance of the body. Begin by standing on one leg, the sole of the other foot resting on the side of the thigh. Close the eyes and hold this pose for a few counts, keeping focus on your breathing and balance. This pose also helps to strengthen the legs.

Eagle Pose

Eagle pose is used in improving balance as well as discipline, power and flexibility as it takes focus on the muscles on your legs, arms and the hips. Its main position balances the bent leg as the other leg folds over the front part of the body, while the arms are intertwined.

This pose can be done in levels, so both the beginner and the advanced can benefit from the exercise. During the pose, remember to breathe properly and focus on doing the exercise correctly more than leveling up to the next variation.

Dancer's Pose

Dancer's pose is done by balancing the outstretched arm with the oppositely outstretched leg. In keeping this position for at least a minute before switching the arms and legs, it helps to improve the balance of the body and gain confidence in one's physical balance. It also helps in readjusting the vertebrae due to the position of the posture itself.

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