Je Suis L'Amour - (I am love)

Written by Paul McQuillan.

Sexual harassment. Terrorism. Domestic Violence. Extreme weather events.

On any given day, gloomy or downright terrifying news is ushered relentlessly into our psyches through whatever source of information we make the choice to accommodate: television, Smartphone, laptop, newspaper, or a quick chat in the coffee line at Starbucks.

lotus mudra

It's easy to let ourselves get consumed in the drama of it all. It only takes a moment to conclude, with salient clarity and "concrete evidence" through social media–that "the world is a horrible place and the people in it are awful."

But you're wrong. It isn't. And they aren't.

The beauty of the world is rarely newsworthy. And the true essence of human beings is seldom explored. But it exists so innately and with such authenticity that it's really the only "headline" that can be trusted and embraced.

It gets better. You see, your essence is illuminated by qualities that feed it during every moment of your existence, allowing it to shine with the light of a thousand stars. It's nourished by compassion, strength, will, forgiveness, joy and a host of other glorious superlatives that protect and surround it like a mother's belly safeguards her unborn child.

Your essence is love. But you already knew that. You may not make the choice to know it, but it's a profound truth that is as accessible to you in any given moment as a smile is to your face.

Accessing it in yourself and other human beings usually begins with an inward exploration, but once you understand that the seed has already been planted, you need only let it grow.

Yoga is a facilitator of love. It helps it grow through a cultivation of the body and mind, ultimately creating a portal to the human spirit.

Just as love has its contributors, as does yoga. Its comrades are strength, discipline, awareness, clarity, focus and breath.

In yoga, there is a Sanskrit word called Dharma. Your dharma is your purpose in life, your path, your passion.

When I sat on the deathbed of my father, he opened his eyes for a moment before taking his final breath. He looked deeply into the eyes of his four children who surrounded him. I will never forget that moment.

There was only love in his eyes, and only love was reflected back to him through ours. That constant exchange of love continues to this day. It doesn't have to be seen anymore. It is felt and known.

You don't need to be told that your essence is love, but when you need to be reminded, don't let today's headlines be your ambassador. Let yoga, once again, introduce you to this truth:

I am love.

Je Suis L'Amour.

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