Hyde Yoga Wear

I'd like to thank Yoga Hyde for sending me a lovely organic trieger tank in cream color. This line of yoga wear is very stylish, attractive and super soft on your skin. You can practically live in these clothes on and off the mat. The fabrics are not constricting on your skin like some active wear.

Hyde Yoga

Hyde Yoga wear is a small company in New York that came up with environmentally friendly organic yoga wear in earthy colors. There is a touch of spandex to allow for easy movements and stretches.

Here is the story how designer Anne-Kerr Kenney came up with the idea of Hyde Yoga:

A running injury brought me to my first yoga class ten years ago.

I didn't think much of it, other than as a form of exercise. As I incorporated yoga into my routine - in an attempt to relieve a stressed out illiotibial band - I began to recognize that it was relieving more than my physical body. So, I began to explore other types of yoga. After yoga class I felt a sense of 'all-rightness,' no matter what was going on in my outside life. Being on the mat made me pause; caused me to be acutely conscious. The experience of just being - engaging fully in what I was doing, became something I wished to extend to other areas of my life.

So I quit my corporate job, I went to art school, I went to work with a small rug design company.

I loved being creative, I loved being involved in a small business, I loved yoga.

As my practice progressed, I felt it was time to bring all of these passions together.

Necessity is the mother of invention: Hyde was born out of the need for natural, comfortable, yoga clothes that were stylish, fit well but still affordable. Like many of my yogi friends, I wanted clothes that were as considered and thoughtful as my practice. I saw an opportunity to make graceful gear my business.

This is how yoga defined my experience.

This must be the softest and most comfortable lightweight cotton yoga wear that's perfect for summer. Check out their website to view their collection - yogahyde.com.

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