How to Develop a Calm Mind

In this day and age of instant everything, it’s essential to keep yourself from drowning under a heap of information. You will have to make sure your mind and body can survive each day, but it’s not enough to take deep breaths or retreat to your safe zone.

develop a calm mind

Indeed, calmness is important when you’re doing yoga poses. After all, you can’t really feel any positive energy if you’re anxious or thinking about scenarios that are unlikely to happen.

So, before you start trying out poses, you will have to learn how to keep yourself calm, not only when doing yoga, but also in everyday situations.

Change your Music Preferences

First off, we all know that music has therapeutic properties. For sure, our moods will depend on the music that we listen to. Research has shown that music can also influence our emotions. There are numerous studies that show a correlation between stress management and music preferences. But although much of these studies remain inconclusive, it remains common knowledge that ambient and classical music are preferable when it comes to reducing stress.

So, if you’re used to listening to EDM or hard rock ballads, why not swap your favorite tracks with something from Vivaldi or try delving into East Asian traditional music. If you really want to reach the pinnacle of Zen, you might as well start browsing Spotify for the most relaxing tracks.

Adopt a Creative Hobby

Another great way to develop a calm mind is to immerse yourself in a creative activity such as poem writing or sculpting. More than just a way to express yourself, art can also be an effective outlet for releasing stress. And it has a lot to do with the process of making a work of art. When we immerse ourselves in a painting or sculpture, we are able to forget the external world and become more attuned with ourselves and our emotions.

With constant practice, the resulting calmness becomes a part of your system. You become more patient, tolerant, and less anxious over time. That being said, find time to explore a creative hobby that you enjoy. Spend at least a whole Sunday immersing yourself in this hobby, and you’ll eventually feel at ease.

Use the Right Herbs

If you’re taking any food supplement, chances are, you’re not getting all the nutrition you are supposed to be getting. No doubt, you will have to adopt a more natural and organic lifestyle. And what better way to do just that than to use a variety of herbs that are known to have properties associated with stress reduction. Herbs such as Holy Basil and Kava are best known for reducing anxiety.

There is also evidence that cannabis, as prescribed by a doctor, can help reduce stress. If you’re living in California and have a cannabis prescription, you might as well have these herbs delivered to your doorstep. When it comes to bud delivery San Francisco natives can depend on, you might as well ask around for any recommendations.

Applying these tips will no doubt help you develop a calmer mind that will only amplify the effects of every yoga position you’re assuming.

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