Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

I'd like to thank Hotdog Yoga Gear for sending me an awesome yoga bag that's not just for a yoga mat. You can fit everything you need for a yoga or workout class and more. The Hotdog Yoga Rollpack allows you to pack, wrap and roll everything in an organized fashion, like a hot dog bun.

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

This bag is a great carrying solution for all yoga instructors and students who want to have all their belongings stored neatly and conveniently in one place. There is a special hidden compartment for any clothing items that's separate from your mat. This is a very smart idea, as you can carry a change of clothing with you for after your practice. I love this idea for hot yoga, as you can easily fit your towel, and a clean change of yoga wear.

Having this bag eliminates the need to carry your purse into the yoga studio. All you need is your keys, phone and wallet that fit nicely in the front zippered compartments. There is also a separate holder for your water bottle. Having everything packed neatly together in one bag helps to prevent losing or forgetting anything during transportation to and from your yoga class.

I find the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack quite attractive, and the quality is high-end. The exterior is made of micro-ballistic nylon, which is water and stain resistant, and air dries pretty quickly. The total weight of the bag is 20 ounces when empty, so it's light, durable and long lasting.

Here's what the designing team at Hotdog Yoga Rollpack had to say:

We went through many prototypes with serious yoga people, many of whom travel to conferences and retreats. One theme that kept emerging was that the bag had to be tough, but light and compact from travel (it fits in even the smallest overhead), and it had to look sleek and stay great-looking, like a piece of fine luggage.

I love the pack, wrap and roll concept of this yoga bag, and it's quite unique and definitely works as an amazing carrying bag, especially for traveling, as it's strong and compact. I've been using it for all my yoga classes, and am very pleased with it. I like the padded front pockets, which are great for sun glasses, and to protect any other fragile items.

The team at Hotdog Yoga Rollpack have definitely thought of everything possible while designing this bag, so I can't think of anything else to add. Once you start using this bag, you'll be hooked, and never go back to to using other bags.

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