The Healing Power of Gemstones

Modern life is fast, competitive and achievement driven, which leads to stress and anxiety in one's life. Some people can handle stress well, but most are unable to cope with it. Having the wrong attitude towards life and taking on unnecessary stress can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual health problems. This is where the healing power of gemstones can help transform your life.


Etched with the Life History of Mother Earth

Gemstones are natural products of the earth. Since the time the earth started its cooling down process the gemstones or rocks have been acquiring their states. These gemstones have undergone a lot of changes affected on by the sun, rain, heat, cold and wind pressure to acquire its present form. Needless to say gemstones have the history of the earth etched on them, therefore we cannot underestimate the healing power of gemstones.

Using Gemstones in Astrology

Gemstones such as blue sapphire, emerald, topaz, ruby, red garnet, amethyst and coral exhibit fascinating colours. Astrologers connect these stones and others such as moonstone, natural pearl etc to the influences of the planets, the sun and the moon. They believe that each of these heavenly bodies send cosmic influences via the seven colours of white light and the two non visible colours - infra red and ultra violet. Hence wearing these stones on the body can lead to curing of chronic diseases like blood pressure, anemia, cough and cold, arthritis etc. The healing power of gemstones also influences the psychological and attitudinal behaviors of the wearer.

Astrologers make up a chart of the planetary influences on the physical and mental being of a person and then advice gems to instill positive development and healing power. These gems are worn as rings, pendants or occasionally around the upper arm. The gemstones are set in either gold or silver. The size of the stones are also crucial and hence they must not be worn without proper advice.

Using Gemstones in the House or Office

Naturally obtained rough gemstones can be kept in rooms, cupboards or offices in specific positions so that they attract positive energy and dispel negative ones. Feng Shui uses the positioning power of the gemstones to bring about wealth, prosperity and health in the house. It goes without saying that a wrongly placed stone or a wrong stone can lead to a lot of discomfort to the members of the household. The healing power of gemstones can be fully obtained if one works as per expert advice.

These natural gemstones can be subjected to treatments of various kinds to give them different types of finish. Rounding off the sharp edges of a natural stone by polishing them can enable them to be used as touch stones. One can carry such polished gemstones in a bag or in the pocket of ones garment so that the body can make the maximum utilization of the healing power.

The History of Gemstones and Human Health

Gemstones have been used by people down the ages in different parts of world and its healing power has been used since 4 BC. These stones were either used in their present form or powdered and worn around the neck or carried in person. These gemstones also found pride of place during rituals and ceremonies. The Egyptians, the Chinese and the Greeks used the healing power of gemstones very effectively.


Though used by astrologers, Feng Shui practitioners and others, the healing power of gemstones has still not obtained the unqualified nod of the scientific community. But, if you believe in it then go right ahead and use it to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy life.

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