Having a Live Conversation?! Is it Really That Scary?

Written by Vera Del Vecchio.

How do you meet people today for friendship or relationships?

It seems like options are narrowed down to the techy way of the vast world of Internet. This is where people are easily able to camouflage themselves behind a fake personna of themselves to attract other people who do the same.

live conversation

Continuous dialogue communications of viral words going back and forth like a ping pong ball with many different viral people, sometimes even all at the same time. Who are these people that many times choose not to meet face to face with a real person or talk on the phone with a real voice? Yes, not all are like this. But when you meet these people are they all that they say they are? You don't hear the sounds of their voice or gaze into the soul in their eyes.

I can't count the times that people have said to me "I will call you" and you never hear from them. My phone hardly rings any more. I am told by some friends that people do not use the phone much anymore, they use text message, e-mail or Facebook or Twitter... on and on and on...

Are people forgetting the art of communication and socializing with live people?

What happened to our world? Are people enriching their lives by losing the art of communication and socializing? I think that people are missing part of themselves and feeling isolated, alone and depressed with all this technology. I think that it may be making their blurry vision of their mind and body - of what could be the most productive, happy, and positive part of their lives. What do you think?

I think that Nature Yoga Walking may be the answer. What better place to get in touch with first yourself, then nature around you to feel alive and connected with life, plants and wildlife. What better way to connect with your mind and body through your natural way - walking - and what more natural way to bring it all together than with the inspirational and healing effects of yoga. And to connect with like minded people. People that you can hear, touch, feel, see and talk to! Real live people that you can connect with on a personal level. It doesn't matter if they are of a different color, or they are of a different sex, or of a different culture, or if they have different way of looking at a partner in their life, or if they are not looking for a partner at all and just want to meet new friends.

Nature Yoga Walking for Soul Mating! Come and check it out. I know that you won't be sorry. You may even enjoy the Art of Communication and Socializing with Live People! Why not leave your computers, phones and techy stuff at home... be selfish and benefit yourself and listen to your inner soul!

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