HarmonyPhi Pendant

I came across HarmonyPhi at the Yoga Conference in Toronto a few weeks ago. I was very intrigued and curious about their jewelry. I thought their pendant was just an outstanding and unique piece. I've always loved having flattering jewelry pieces that make a statement. It just happens that their pendants are not only beautiful, but have a special meaning behind them.

Harmony Phi Silver Pendant

The idea behind HarmonyPhi is the Golden Ratio, which is also known as the Magic Ratio. This consists of a unique number approximately equal to 1.618 that forms a spiral that appears in many buildings, architecture, geometry and throughout the universe. The Parthenon in Greece was designed with the Golden Ratio, but it's not known if it was planned or not.

These spirals are found all around us, in the galaxies, plants and within our bodies. Our ears even have the spiral shape of the golden ratio.

It was found that this unique golden ratio is considered very pleasing to the eye. So it's no wonder the HarmonyPhi pendant is such a gorgeous and appealing piece of jewelry.

The HarmonyPhi pendant represents the four elements of creation: Earth, Fire, Water and Air swirled around harmoniously within a circle. This is known to bring you balance, harmony, happiness and promote positive energy and pleasing connections in your life.

HarmonyPhi Silver Pendant

The HarmonyPhi necklace came in a lovely box with a card that has a serial number to register your pendant, and to retrieve a personal message. Here's what the card said:

The HarmonyPhi pendant you hold in your hands contains ancient, timeless secrets. It is a material interpretation of Phi, and elemental ratio in the universe and in the ideas of humankind. We hope your HarmonyPhi brings you happiness, harmony and enduring connections with extraordinary people and the natural world.

Harmony Phi

The designer Michael DaCosta has been in the jewelry business for over a quarter century, and has received lots of international awards and recognition for his designs.

I'd like to thank HarmonyPhi for sending me this lovely silver pendant that has a pure 24kt gold accent. The chain can be adjusted to 16 or 18 inches. It also comes in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, with or without diamonds. There are matching earrings and a gorgeous ring if you want to have the whole set.

For the month of May 2012, HarmonyPhi would like to offer a special promotion. The silver pendant for $95.00, which is regularly priced at $195.00. You can call toll free 1 866 981 1618 or locally at 416 787 4545. Please ask for Sam or Zac and mention Lexi Yoga to get this special promotion price.

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