Happiness Is

I just joined the happiness movement... I met with a casual clothing company at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference called Happiness Is. They want Canadians to celebrate their moments of happiness and spread it around wherever they go wearing their mindful clothing. I love this idea of promoting positive messages on clothing, as everything is vibration and energy all around us. I got a beautiful Peace on Earth sweatshirt that's super soft and cuddly. It gives a message of hope, empathy and inclusion on earth.

Happiness Is

Happiness Is has clothing that's all made in Canada with the softest bamboo cotton that's preshrunk. The first day I got it and put it on, I was hooked. It feels so soft and cozy, that I never want to take it off and put on real clothes. This sweatshirt is great to wear lounging at home, going to run errands, or going to a yoga class. It can be worn all year round, especially here in Canada, as we have the longest winters.

You can shop different moments of Happiness, all depending on what you like. From mountains, water sports, the cottage, the beach, yoga, running, paddling and even hockey. You choose what makes you happy in life, and wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt that will spread that specific happiness message around. There is something for everyone. Their clothing is inspired in Canada, as a lot of the designs are about the Canadian lifestyle and what outdoor activities you can do.

Here is the beautiful story of how Happiness Is Inc. started:

Happiness Is Inc. was started as a way to help us form deeper connections. To the moments that make us smile. To the places we love. To the activities we live to do. But, most importantly, to ourselves and to each other. Modern life is busy, fast-paced and stressful. There’s never been more of a need to slow down and be present.

Our founder, Gordon Carton, remembered a time when life wasn’t so rushed. At 95 years of age (not a typo!), Gordon founded Happiness Is Inc. with the help of his granddaughter Andrea. Recognizing the deep happiness his love of country had given him over the course of his life, he wanted to share it with others. His passion was the cornerstone of our business: Gordon knew it was impossible to have a lifetime of happiness, but we can each connect to the moments of happiness that we have in order to live more fulfilling lives.

All of our gear is designed to connect people to those moments and the joy that comes from them. Why? Because we know happiness is contagious, and that when we each take the time to connect deeply with the things that bring us joy, the happiness we find is passed on to those around us.

Gordon passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on with his granddaughter and Happiness Is Inc. Chief Happiness Officer Andrea. Leading a small group of women working to do the right thing, the Happiness Is Inc. team is dedicated to making high quality casual and athletic wear that makes you feel happy about your purchase.

Check out happinessisinc.ca to shop for mindful clothing made to inspire connection and happiness. Join the Happiness Movement.

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