The Magical Power of Goji Berries

The Goji Berry is well known for its high antioxidant levels and nourishing nutrients. These berries have a similar taste, shape and texture as raisins. They taste mildly sour and sweet. Consuming them daily can prevent aging, prolong life, strengthen immunity and give you optimum health and eternal youth. They also help with many illnesses that people suffer from. This includes, digestive problems, insomnia, lack of energy and arthritis.


Goji Berries are loaded with many minerals and amino acids that other foods don't have. That's what makes them a special antioxidant. They are rich with calcium, copper, iron, selenium, germanium and zinc. They have high doses of linoleic acid, vitamin C and Beta Carotene.

Consuming Goji berries can help with weight loss. They contain four unique polysaccharide molecules. These can only be found in Gojies. They assist in converting food into energy, control blood sugar levels and your appetite. Lack of exercise and an uncontrolled appetite are the main characteristics of weight gain. The Goji berry targets these two obstacles.

These berries contain high fiber and chromium, which protect lean muscles during weightloss and also motivate muscle regeneration. This speeds up the metabolism, which is great for developing a healthy lean body.

There have been tests done to prove that goji berries contain special extracts and antioxidants that help prevent cancer cell growth, red blood glucose, and reduce high cholesterol within the body. They also protect the liver, improve circulation, strengthen the legs and great for sexual function and fertility.

According to the Chinese, Gojies help eyesight by improving vision under dim lighting and reducing the time your eyes adapt to darkness. This is because they contain more Beta-carotene that carrots.

These berries can be found dried or as a fruit juice and have been used for the past 6,000 years by many herbalists in India, Tibet and China.

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