Gaiam TV - Yoga and Fitness Videos

Gaiam is well known for their yoga and fitness videos, as well as yoga accessories. It seems that now they offer an online TV channel that you subscribe to, kind of like Netflix, but for health, fitness, yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. It's a great idea, as you can have access to hundreds of different videos 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

Gaiam TV

I got a chance to try out their online service, and I must say that there are so many videos to choose from. I decided to try out a video by Amy Ippoliti called Inversions: Yoga Foundation of Youth. It's a 30 minute video teaching the key alignment points that are necessary for balancing in inversions. I was amazed how good the quality and speed of the video was. Crystal clear HD, and the video started super fast, and was smooth until the end.

It's just like popping in a work out DVD, but you have a numerous collection of work out choices depending on your mood. This is an affordable way to keep healthy and fit. Yoga class can be quite expensive when going out to a studio, also keep in mind the long commute to get there and back. A one hour class, could take up 3 hours of your time. With Gaiam TV, it's like your flipping channels on your computer, finding the right work out, and practicing instantly.

Customizable Programming

A cool thing about Gaiam TV is that you can customize your workouts based on your own needs, and make your own playlist. If you want to lose weight, sculpt your body, increase energy or find specific classes based on your favorite teachers, then you can save you selections and easily find them next time. You can also see ratings or reviews for each video as well.

24/7 Accessibility

With the 24/7 access to Gaiam TV's full library of videos, you can watch them anywhere and anytime with your computer device. Ipad's and smartphones as well. This is great for travellers, as you can continue to work out even away from home. When you're out of town it's also ard to find gyms or specific class that you like to attend, and you may not have the time to commute to the location, if you're on a business trip.

Free Trial

Gaiam TV is offering a free 10 day trial of unlimited viewing of all their videos. There is no commitment to subscribe, as it's just a great way to try out this wonderful service. If you decide to continue, then it's only $9.95 per month. I think that's a great price for unlimited use of award winning classes. Yoga classes seem to be expensive these days, at about $20.00 per class, so if you do the math, then Gaiam TV is a great deal. Also, the first 25 people to subscribe, will get a free yoga mat as a gift.

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