From Stress to Cancer and Chi Kung

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

There is no question most of us have a lot of stress in our lives, particularly in North America. Stress takes many forms from the obvious to the subtle. Stress can takes it's toll on both the physical system, heart, blood, muscles, and the energetic system, chakras, meridians and chi. Research has shown the root cause of most diseases, mental and physical is stress. It may surprise you the connection between traumatic events and serious diseases like cancer.

stressed man

It is vital that we all reduce stress in our lives to not only eliminate the cause of illness but to maintain a dynamic immune system to fight off the effects of sickness. Chi Kung is useful in helping to eliminate and reduce all the effects along the way.

It has been suggested that most people do not know how dangerous it is to bury unresolved issues which constantly stress you out. Add to this the stress at work, the stress of a dysfunctional marriage, the stress of a single mother trying to raise her children alone or the financial burden of just living. The most harmful aspect is traumatic events that have not been processed.

Let's take a journey to see what stress causes. The passing of a loved one is an example of a deep trauma. It is important to grieve and move on from this sad event. For those who choose to ignore these feelings and pretend everything is ok, this creates a short circuit in the energetic system. This system is self-healing and it will find energy from other sources throughout the body. The easiest source is cell tissue, where there is an abundance of energy in each cell. As the energetic system takes more and more energy from the cell, they begin to break down and mutate, becoming very weak. This then compromises your immune system inviting diseases like cancer to take a strong foothold with an even greater challenge of overcoming the disease.

Well now that we are terrified of what stress can do to us, let's discuss how Chi Kung can prevent and heal issues along the way. It is best to prevent stress from affecting you in the first place. Various Chi Kung exercises can create a sense of inner peace and balance within you. A daily meditation which includes this would be quite helpful. Once a trauma emerges, it is time to leap into action to prevent further damage.

If you are unable to deal with the effects of the trauma on a timely basis it is time to engage the skills of an energy worker to quickly calm and process the heightened energetic activity. This will normally take very little effort for a Chi Kung practitioner. Should this not be processed and worked through at this time, it will be necessary to intervene later. As we move along the timeline the damage increases and the ability to counteract becomes more challenging. There are healing opportunities along the way where the Chi Kung practitioner can bring things back to balance and peace. It is critical to be aware of these traumas and work on them efficiently to minimize future damage.

It is very important to understand the effects of stress on our lives so that when a trauma does occur we will have the awareness necessary to overcome to potentially deadly results of our inability to deal with these traumas immediately.

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