Finding More Love with Feng Shui

Written by Laura Morris.

Who couldn't use more love and romance in life? Maybe you are single and looking for love. Perhaps you have been married for ten years and want to recharge your relationship. Sometimes what we truly need is to love ourselves more deeply.

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Whatever your personal circumstances and connections, Feng Shui can be part of an overall plan to improve relationships with partners or yourself. By evaluating your bedroom with Feng Shui eyes, you can make simple changes to this very personal space that may aid you in your search for love.

Here are five common 'corrections' that you can make in your bedroom to get your love life on the right track:

  1. Too many beautiful pillows: How many people are guilty of this? Do you need to remove a dozen throw pillows before you can even get into bed? This symbolizes your bed being too crowded and that there is no room for anything or anyone else. You may say, "But once the pillows are off the bed, there is no problem." Tell that to the partner or potential partner that needs to climb through the mountains of beautiful cushions to get to the bed. Your bed and the surrounding area should be clutter-free. This allows more energy to circulate around the bed - and don't forget about under the bed. Physical obstacles around, under, and on the bed can represent emotional and communication obstacles. Remove these energy blockers.

  2. Very neutral beige or white decor: This is not always a bad thing. Light walls and the absence of or minimal colour can be very calming for some people, but too much white shifts the balance of the room. White represents the metal element. Too much metal can create a rigid environment where a partner may be unwilling to compromise. Or, if you are single and have been looking for that perfect mate, you may be too inflexible about your expectations. A quick fix is to add the fire element. Try adding red candles (in pairs), red flowers, and pink or red sheets to the bed.

  3. Single, single, single: Points 1 and 2 apply to married people and singles alike. Here is a simple exercise for singles looking for love: try to examine the bedroom as if you have never seen it before. Now ask yourself: "Does a single person or does a couple live in this room?" The answer will be pretty clear. Many singles have only one nightstand or their bed is pressed against the wall. They may only have a reading light on one side of the bed and other side of the bed is used to store all those throw pillows from point 1. You get the idea. Set your room up as if you were already in a relationship - if you build it, they will come.

  4. The great divide - the king-size bed: This is a quick fix to prevent division in a romantic relationship. If you have a king-size bed with a split mattress, simply place a red sheet over the mattress under the fitted sheet or mattress cover. For a split box spring the red sheet should be laid flat between the mattress and the box spring. By using the red sheet you are symbolically making the bed one and eliminating the feeling of separation.

  5. Clashing doors and personalities: Another quick fix for those with life partners is to address any doors in the bedroom that bang together, for example, if the ensuite bath door hits the bedroom door. Clashing doors can lead to arguments in the relationship - the cure is to hang a red drapery tassel on each door knob.

These simple Feng Shui cures will help to increase the flow of energy in the bedroom. Also, by performing them you will be engaged in the act of making a change in your life. Try the following: Set a specific intention to enhance love in your life. Use Feng Shui to activate and charge this journey and when applying Feng Shui cures, always keep your goal in mind. I wish you blessings and good luck on your path to increasing love and romance in your life.

Laura Morris is a certified Feng Shui consultant www.morrisfengshui.com.

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