Feng Shui your Bedroom for Romance

Written by Laura Morris.

If you read the first part of Finding More Love with Feng Shui you may have already started your journey to enhance love in your life. Hopefully you have set an intention and have been examining your bedroom with Feng Shui eyes. Feng Shui can be most effective when you combine symbolic and practical cures with a personal affirmation to make a change in your life. Let's continue learning how to improve the Feng Shui in our bedroom with five additional and simple corrections (cures) you can make to your space.

pink bedroom

  1. A bedroom should be a bedroom: The bedroom should be a sacred space dedicated to two things: sleep and sex. We want to avoid having our bedrooms being a bedroom masquerading as an office, -TV, or -exercise room. Objects like computers, TVs, and exercise equipment also change the energy patterns of a room. This will not only interfere with sleep but will also create a distraction from romance. If you live in a bachelor apartment or can't move these items out of the bedroom, then cover them with black fabric at night; this will help control the negative energy.
  2. Where is your head at? Positioning the head of your bed against a wall provides stability. You can also add a headboard for added support - I like solid upholstered headboards. The wall behind our head is the symbolic mountain which should ideally stand behind your home to provide support to improve the flow of ch'i. (Note: If the wall that the head of your bed is against has a toilet or sink directly on the other side, please try to move the bed to another supporting wall.)
  3. Balancing act: Some of us who are newly partnered (or looking for a partner) may find sharing a bedroom a challenge. When you are single you can design your room the way you like but that may not be so appealing to your prospective partner. One reason for this discord in decor is that the yin and yang may be out of whack. Yin and yang are opposing forces which are represented in all things. Nothing is 100% yin or yang. Colours, shapes, objects, and events can make a space more yin or yang. For example, a bedroom with darker walls, a lot of soft furniture and low lighting is very yin. Too much yin could make the occupants lethargic and lacking in desire. Conversely, a bedroom may have high ceilings, a lot of natural light streaming in, and very linear furniture - this is a very yang space. Too much yang can cause distraction, heighten emotion, even anger. Take a look at your space; can you balance the light and bright colours with some darker tones or the busy floral with some solids?
  4. Low ch'i: This is a good all around Feng Shui cure for any bedroom. If you have low energy, can't get out of bed or are not inspired sexually one reason may be a low level of ch'i (energy) in the room. Your room may have too much large furniture in it and the ch'i is struggling to circulate. So lighten up! Another issue could be the position of your bed, door and window. This could be making ch'i flow in too slowly, or it may be flowing straight through and out. Try hanging a Feng Shui crystal - it's a golf ball-sized prism - from the center of your room. This is a good multi-purpose cure for energy issues. The crystal will modulate the flow of ch'i by speeding it up or slowing it down.
  5. Ensuite not so sweet: Do you have an ensuite bathroom door opening into your bedroom? Many people do. This is not ideal, especially if you can see the toilet from the bed. This situation may lead to a strain on the relationship because the water and flushing can drain the energy out the bedroom. Quick cure: keep the door to the ensuite bath closed. You can also add a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. This reflects the positive bedroom energy back into the space. (FYI don't add the mirror if you will be able to see it when you are lying in bed - mirrors can lead to sleep disruption.)

These ten corrections in Parts 1 and 2 have been simplified for easy application. They are good general principles and best practices that can benefit any space. In some instances there may be issues in a bedroom or home that need closer examination or may go beyond the basics, e.g., an odd room shape. In those circumstances, I recommend you speak to a qualified Feng Shui practitioner if you wish to explore Feng Shui on deeper level. Most importantly, approach this path to enhancing your love life with a light heart, an open mind, and a desire to make a change. And of course: have fun! I wish you blessings and good luck on your journey.

Laura Morris is a certified Feng Shui consultant. www.morrisfengshui.com

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