101 Feminine Quotes

A buddha laughs too, but his laughter has the quality of a smile. His laughter has the feminine quality of grace. When an ignorant person laughs, his laughter is very aggressive, egoistic. The ignorant person always laughs at others. The contented person, the person who knows life a little, laughs at himself - at the whole play of life itself. It is not addressed to anybody in particular. He just laughs at the absurdity of it all... the impossibility of it all.


feminine quotes

A man may be physically a man and may not be psychologically a man; he may have a feminine psyche. Hence things become complicated. A woman may have a masculine psyche. There is no necessity that the body should decide the psyche. The woman, the feminine quality I call the moon type, and the masculine quality I call the sun type. Their paths are bound to be different. Of course the goal is the same; they reach the same peak but they follow different paths. The feminine psyche follows the path of love. Sufism is basically a feminine approach towards existence. The masculine spirit will not find any appeal in Sufism, in the path of love; it will be more attracted to Zen, the path of meditation. The path of love is more of feelings, emotion; it is greener. The path of meditation has the beauty of a desert, the silence, the infinity of a desert.


A really wise man is feminine, receptive, passive. That's why Buddha looks so feminine. That quality of passiveness, that quality of receptivity... He is just a receptacle. He reflects life: he allows life to reflect in him, to be reflected through him. He sings the song that existence wants to sing through him. He has no ideas of his own; he does not hinder.


A requirement of femininity is that a woman devote her life to love-to mother love, to romantic love, to religious love, to amorphous, undifferentiated caring. The territory of the heart is admittedly a province that is open to all, but women alone are expected to make an obsessional career of its exploration, to find whatever adventure, power, fulfillment or tragedy life has to offer within its bounds. There is no question that a woman is apt to feel more feminine, more confident of her interior gender makeup, when she is reliably within some stage of love-even the girlish crush or the stage of unrequited love or a broken heart. Men have suffered for love, and men have accomplished great feats in the name of love, but what man has ever felt at the top of his masculine form when he is lovesick or suffering from heartache?

Susan Brownmiller

A woman is more humble, more grateful, more loving.


A woman may develop wrinkles and cellulite, lose her waistline, her bustline, her ability to bear a child, even her sense of humor, but none of that implies a loss of her sexuality, her femininity.

Barbara Gordon

A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman, and it is confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.

Camille Paglia

A woman should keep her separateness, should save all her feminine qualities and purify them. In this way she is going, according to her nature, towards enlightenment. Of course once you are enlightened, you have gone beyond the discrimination of sexes. Beyond enlightenment, you are simply human beings. But before that... Be proud of your qualities. Increase them, refine them because they are the path towards godliness. Man is not in a better position than woman as far as religious experience is concerned.


A woman always wants to belong. That has nothing to do with any particular individuals; it is something to do with the very nature of womanhood. It is part of the feminine mind to lean to somebody, to possess and to be possessed. So it is not a question of somebody being like that. All women, more or less, are like that. That is their intrinsic quality. And when a woman loses that quality, she loses something of her womanhood. Then she is not worth much. She is almost like a man; she has a male mind. You will not feel that softness, that fragileness that gives grace and beauty to a woman. It is just like a creeper. The creeper needs some tree to belong to, to creep upon, to be supported by. The creeper cannot stand on its own. But that is one of the most beautiful experiences - that somebody belongs to you and you belong to somebody. Belonging is one of the most desired states of the human mind. You feel rooted when you feel that you belong to somebody.


A woman can do anything. She can be traditionally feminine and that's all right; she can work, she can stay at home; she can be aggressive; she can be passive; she can be any way she wants with a man. But whenever there are the kinds of choices there are today, unless you have some solid base, life can be frightening.

Barbara Walters

A woman is like a tea bag. It's only when she's in hot water that you realize how strong she is.

Eleanor Roosevelt

As this era of masculine dominance comes to an end and a feminine understanding of life's wholeness is included, we are beginning to experience a different world in which physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are interdependent. We see the signs of this in the new age movement. But the new age movement is often limited by its focus on individual well-being. Our real concern is the well-being of the planet and the whole of humanity. Central to this is the understanding that the physical world cannot be healed from a solely physical perspective, but requires a shift to an attitude that contains a multi-dimensional approach.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

All the great artists of the world slowly slowly start growing a quality of feminineness, grace, elegance, exquisiteness. A certain flavor of softness, relaxedness, calmness and quietness surrounds them. They are no longer feverish. What I am teaching here is really to turn the whole world feminine.


Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.

Karl Marx

Among the feminine nouns I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intellect, resolve, and forgiveness.

Bhagavad Gita

Be a little more feminine. Not only does the woman have to be liberated from men, the man has also to be liberated from men. There is a great need for a men's liberation movement - not liberation from women, but liberation from all the nonsense that has been taught to him down the ages: Be hard! Be steel! Don't bend! Break but don't bend! Man has been taught to be hard like a rock - man has missed much. And now women are following in the same tracks. It is a dangerous situation. If the woman also follows the man, she will be a second-rate citizen, she will never be equal to man. And not only that: if she follows man and becomes hard, as lib women ARE becoming - their faces are becoming hard, their bodies are losing roundness, softness, vulnerability, they are becoming more and more angry and less and less loving - the danger is that that will be the end of the whole of humanity, if it happens. The only hope for humanity is in the quality of feminineness - the only hope. The hope is not with Friedrich Nietzsche, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini: the hope is with Buddha, Chaitanya, Meera - with a totally different kind of people. And we have to turn men and women BOTH into a kind of feminine lovingness.


Be passive. In your passivity, God comes. Be feminine. In your femininity, God comes. Have you not watched it? Buddha looks very feminine, Krishna looks very feminine. Why? - because it is simply a metaphor. They have been depicted as feminine, graceful, to show that that is their inner quality - receptivity. When you are doing something you are being aggressive. When you are not doing anything you are non-aggressive. And God cannot be conquered; you can only allow him to conquer you.


Because of their age long training in human relations for that is what feminine intuition really is women have a special contribution to make any group enterprise.

Margaret Mead

Becoming the new feminine ideal requires just the right combination of insecurity, exercise, bulimia and surgery.

G. B. Trudeau

Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery.

Victor Hugo

Dance with a girl three times, and if you like the light of her eye and the tone of voice with which she, breathless, answers your little questions about horseflesh and music about affairs masculine and feminine, then take the leap in the dark.

Anthony Trollope

Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.

Amos Bronson Alcott

Effeminate men intrigue me more than anything in the world. I see them as my alter egos. I feel very drawn to them. I think like a guy, but I'm feminine. So I relate to feminine men.


Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography. Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin, and, in this, hasn't changed since the time of Dickens. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman.

John Berger

Every social trait labelled masculine or feminine is in truth a human trait. It is our human right to develop and contribute our talents whatever our race, sex, religion, ancestry, age. Human rights are indivisible!

Wilma Scott Heide

Feminine passion is to masculine as an epic is to an epigram.

Karl Kraus

For centuries manliness has been praised. It is time to drop that whole nonsense. It is because of that praise that humanity has suffered much. Manly qualities are aggressive, violent. We should start praising feminine qualities. The most feminine quality is receptivity, openness, vulnerability. Man has dominated long enough and that domination has been destructive of all that is fragile, beautiful, of all that is flowerlike. Only rocks have remained, flowers have disappeared. My whole effort here is to praise the feminine qualities. The world needs them. If I love Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, the most fundamental reason for my love is that they are all feminine, they are not masculine. Friedrich Nietzsche has condemned Buddha and Christ for the same reason - they are not manly enough. I praise them for the same reason - they are not manly enough. That is good; they have a grace, the feminine grace. We have to change the whole gestalt of human consciousness. we have to make it more surrendering, more receptive, we have to teach it how to relax and how things can happen in a deep let-go. all that is great - truth, love, bliss, god, freedom - happens in a state of let-go. You cannot force them to happen. that is not possible, that is not the nature of things at all. You can only be a host, you can only be pregnant with those qualities, you can allow then to happen. Don't hinder, that's all that you can do. Keep the doors open, keep the heart open, and you become a song. God starts singing through you. You become a joyous spirit, you become a celebration.


For my part I distrust all generalizations about women, favorable and unfavorable, masculine and feminine, ancient and modern; all alike, I should say, result from paucity of experience.

Bertrand Russell

For women... bras, panties, bathing suits, and other stereotypical gear are visual reminders of a commercial, idealized feminine image that our real and diverse female bodies can't possibly fit. Without these visual references, each individual woman's body demands to be accepted on its own terms. We stop being comparatives. We begin to be unique.

Gloria Steinem

God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. And, used properly, that combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met.

Farrah Fawcett

Grace is a feminine quality.


I am every day more convinced that we women, if we are to be good women, feminine and amiable and domestic, are not fitted to reign; at least it is they that drive themselves to the work which it entails.

Queen Victoria

I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don't mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don't mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.

Anais Nin

I have a hat. It is graceful and feminine and give me a certain dignity, as if I were attending a state funeral or something. Someday I may get up enough courage to wear it, instead of carrying it.

Erma Bombeck

I seem to be getting a lot of things pushed my way that are strong women. It's like people see Hackers and they send me offers to play tough women with guns, the kind who wear no bra and a little tank top. I'd like to play strong women who are also very feminine.

Angelina Jolie

I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine.

Nancy Reagan

I would like the whole world to be full of feminine qualities. Then only can wars disappear.


If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.

M. Esther Harding

If there were a ritual dance of the androgyne, Tai chi as performed by this master could be that dance. It is neither a masculine dance nor a feminine dance. It has the strength and grace of both.

Dr. June Singer

If there were genders to genres, fiction would be unquestionably feminine.

William Gass

It is absolutely right to be feminine. You should feel fortunate, because this is the quality that one needs in the search for god. One can move towards god only in utter passivity. One cannot be aggressive towards god. In the East we have a saying: 'God is the only male and everybody else is female.' It is in deep feminine receptivity that god penetrates. So this is the quality of a disciple, of a devotee. The problem is arising because of your Western conditioning. In the West the male ego is praised. To be active is thought to be very valuable. In the East we have learned something more profound. To know the art of inaction is the greatest thing in the East - we call it tao, wu-wei. And this inaction is not lethargy. Much action happens through it, but you are not the doer. The doer is god, you are just a vehicle. So it is not lethargy. Action will be there but it will come through inaction. And you are ready for that jump.


It is generally a feminine eye that first detects the moral deficiencies hidden under the 'dear deceit' of beauty.

T.S. Eliot quotes

It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills and abilities and disastrous to force them to suppress their specifically female characteristics and abilities by keeping up the pretense that there are no differences between the sexes.

Arianna Stassinopoulos

Instead of fulfilling the promise of infinite orgasmic bliss, sex in the America of the feminine mystique is becoming a strangely joyless national compulsion, if not a contemptuous mockery.

Betty Friedan

Intuition is truly a feminine quality, but women should not mistake rash conclusions for this gift.

Minna Antrim

Like a French poem is life; being only perfect in structure when with the masculine rhymes mingled the feminine are.

Henry Wadsworth

Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness, authenticity - these are all feminine qualities, and they are far greater than any qualities that man has. But the whole past has been dominated by man and his qualities. Naturally in war, love is of no use, truth is of no use, beauty is of no use, aesthetic sensibility is no use. In war, you need a heart which is more stony than stones. In war, you need simply hate, anger, a madness to destroy. In three thousand years, man has fought five thousand wars. Yes, this is also strength but not worthy of human beings. This is strength derived from our animal inheritance.


Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman.

Margaret Fuller

Man has dominated the past and messed up everything. The future belongs to the feminine qualities, not to the manly qualities. The male quality is basically that of aggression, and the female quality basically is that of receptivity. It is because of man that there have been so many wars. It is because of man that there has been so much destruction. Man has to learn to be a little more feminine. The feminine has to be freed from the past and its domination, man has to learn to become a little more feminine, and we can create a better future than the past, we can create a more peaceful earth, more loving. There is no future for manly qualities; they are finished, man is spent. Woman has to be explored - for new visions, for new perspectives, for new possibilities.


Man has been condemning women. Perhaps there is a reason; perhaps he was aware of some superiority in woman - the superiority of love. No logic can be higher than love, and no mind can be higher than the heart. But the mind can be very murderous; the mind can be very violent, and that's what the mind has done for centuries. Man has been beating women, repressing women, condemning women.


Many beautiful women have been made happy by their own beauty, but no intelligent woman has ever been made happy by her own intelligence.

Mignon McLaughlin

Many of our troubles in the world today arise from an over-emphasis of the masculine, and a neglect of the feminine. This modern world is an aggressive, hyperactive, competitive, masculine world, and it needs the woman's touch as never before.

Eva Burrows

Men are no more immune from emotions than women; we think women are more emotional because the culture lets them give free vent to certain feelings, 'feminine' ones, that is, no anger please, but it's okay to turn on the waterworks.

Una Stannard

Men define intelligence, men define usefulness, men tell us what is beautiful, men even tell us what is womanly.

Sally Kempton

My whole work consists of creating more and more of the feminine quality. So when it starts growing in you, the old mind says 'Now you are vulnerable, weak - how are you going to face that ugly world?' Here you were protected, here you lived with like-minded people. All freedom was there. Everybody was ready to accept you - whosoever you are, whatsoever you are, with all your flaws and faults and limitations; there was no imposition on you. You relaxed, you started growing; you became softer and softer. Now, I can understand the fear, but don't be worried - you are not weak; you have simply become more feminine. Start feeling this as your strength; it is strength. And soon you will see that it goes on growing: on the one hand you become more and more soft, on the other hand more and more strong. But this strength is subtle, not gross; this strength is divine, not that of the beast. This strength is that of a buddha. It grows slowly, slowly. Have you not looked at the statue of Buddha - how feminine he looks? Don't be worried... and I am coming with you!


Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, a good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-dressed, well-groomed, and unaggressive.

Marya Mannes

Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.

William Moulton Marston

Nothing is either all masculine or all feminine except having sex.

Marlo Thomas

Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men's behavior is measured with a feminine ruler.

Francesca M. Cancian

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

People in the States used to think that if girls were good at sports their sexuality would be affected. Being feminine meant being a cheerleader, not being an athlete. The image of women is changing now. You don't have to be pretty for people to come and see you play. At the same time, if you're a good athlete, it doesn't mean you're not a woman.

Martina Navratilova

Poetry has an indirect way of hinting at things. Poetry is feminine. Prose is masculine. Prose, the very structure of it, is logical; poetry is basically illogical. Prose has to be clear-cut; poetry has to be vague - that's its beauty, its quality. Prose simply says what it says; poetry says many things. Prose is needed in the day-to-day world, in the marketplace. But whenever something of the heart has to be said, prose is always found inadequate -- one has to fall back to poetry.


Respect the feminine - it is higher, certainly higher, than the male qualities. But the male chauvinist mind is incapable of accepting it. Out of an inferiority complex the male mind has tried to repress the feminine and of course because the male is aggressive, violent, destructive, he can repress it. The feminine is receptive, surrendering; it knows how to let go, it knows how to adjust, so it has become adjusted even to the male chauvinist attitude. The whole past of humanity is ugly and the reason is that we have not allowed the feminine qualities to blossom. So become more and more receptive, sensitive, creative, loving, dancing, singing - and that's how you will go on becoming more and more meditative. And the more meditative you are, the more you will find feminine qualities blossoming in you. The moment the male energy becomes feminine a Buddha is born, a Christ is born.


Receptivity is always feminine. The male quality is aggressive, the feminine quality is receptive. It is not only physically that a woman has a womb, it is also spiritually true. When when a man attains to the truth he has to learn the art of being feminine. Hence you will see in the statues of Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Christ, a certain quality of femininity, a grace, a sensitivity, an availability, a vulnerability, because truth has to be received, welcomed. You cannot conquer truth, you have to allow the truth to conquer you. There is no way to be aggressive as far as truth is concerned. Aggression is violence and the violent person becomes incapable of knowing the truth. One has to be utterly loving. The feminine quality makes you a host and then the guest can come at any moment. Whenever your receptivity is ripe the guest inevitably arrives. Not even a single moment is lost.


Sleep is a feminine energy. If you look at it - and here you come to a very significant point - the feminine energy functions in a totally different way than the male energy. The woman wants you to chase her. She does not want you simply to sit and wait for her to come. Even though the woman wants you, loves you, wants to be yours, first she will run away. She will not run very fast. She will run in such a way that you can catch her; she will give you every chance to catch hold of her. Every feminine energy has the same quality. Sleep is feminine, you cannot catch hold of her. You have just to close your eyes and lie down and wait. She will come... she is just in the other room. In the same category are all great values: friendship, love, peace, silence, and ultimately the realization of your godliness - they all happen. You are not the doer.


Tantra believes that just as a man has to be born out of a woman, so the new birth of a disciple is also going to be out of a woman. In fact, all the Masters are more mothers than fathers. They have the quality of the feminine. Buddha is feminine, so is Mahavir, so is Krishna. You can see the feminine grace, the feminine roundness; you can see the feminine beauty; you can look into their eyes and you will not find the male aggressiveness. So it is very symbolic that a Buddha took the form of a woman. Buddhas always take the form of a woman. They may be living in a male body, but they are feminine - because ALL that is born is born out of the feminine energy. Male energy can trigger it but cannot give birth. A Master has to keep you in his womb for months, for years, sometimes for lives. One never knows when you will be ready to be born. A Master has to be a mother. A Master has to be tremendously capable of feminine energy, so that he can shower love on you - only then can he destroy. Unless you are certain about his love, you will not allow him to destroy you. How will you trust? Only his love will make you able to trust. And through trust, by and by, he will cut limb by limb. And one day suddenly you will disappear. Slowly, slowly, slowly..and you are gone. GATE, GATE, PARA GATE - going, going, going, gone. Then the new is born.


The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.

Susan B. Anthony

The deepest experience of the creator is feminine, for it is experience of receiving and bearing.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The feminine mind has both qualities, the negative and the positive. The positive is love, the negative is jealousy; the positive is sharing, the negative is possessiveness; the positive is waiting, the negative is lethargy, because waiting can look as if it is waiting and it may not be, it may be just lethargy. And the same happens with the male mind: the male mind has a positive quality that he inquires, goes in search, and a negative quality that he always doubts. Can you be an inquirer without doubt? Then you have chosen the positive. But you can also be a doubtful man without inquiring, just sitting and doubting.


The feminine values are the fountain of bliss. Know the masculine, Keep to the feminine.

Lao Tzu

The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is 'What does a woman want?'

Sigmund Freud

The lotus is the most loved flower in the East and it is tremendously significant as a symbol. The lotus is the most soft flower, the most feminine, very receptive, and that's what the East has been searching for: the quality of being feminine, soft, receptive. Because god cannot be conquered - one has to surrender to god, and only the feminine can surrender. God has to be a guest and only the feminine can become the host. God has to be received and welcomed, and one has to learn infinite patience because one never knows when the guest will come; there is simply no way of predicting it. its ways of coming are infinite but there is no way to know them beforehand. its ways are mysterious, and only the feminine heart can understand the mysterious.


The most supreme beauty is that of the feminine; the source of all creativity. Even in my greatest despair, that realization alone restores my faith in God.

Joseph Curiale

To be motherly is a totally different phenomenon. It is something absolutely human; it transcends animality. It has nothing to do with biology. It is love, pure love, unconditional love. When a mother loves unconditionally - and only a mother can love unconditionally - the child learns the joy of unconditional love. The child becomes capable of loving unconditionally. And to be able to love unconditionally is to be religious. And it is the easiest thing for a woman to do. It is easy for her because naturally she is ready for it.


The deepest experience of the creator is feminine, for it is experience of receiving and bearing.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive.

Betty Friedan

The 'feminine' woman is forever static and childlike. She is like the ballerina in an old-fashioned music box, her unchanging features tiny and girlish, her voice tinkly, her body stuck on a pin, rotating in a spiral that will never grow.

Susan Faludi

The man and the woman are not really two separate entities, but the personality of the man needs the supporting qualities of the woman. If those supporting qualities are not there, the man will fall apart. And the same will happen to the woman. She cannot exist only on female qualities, she needs male supporting qualities. So each human being is a composite whole of two polarities which appear opposed to each other but are not really opposed; they are basically, absolutely essential components of each other.


The suburban housewife -- she was the dream image of the young American women and the envy, it was said, of women all over the world. The American housewife -- freed by science and labor-saving appliances from the drudgery, the dangers of childbirth, and the illnesses of her grandmother had found true feminine fulfillment.

Betty Friedan

The vanity of men, a constant insult to women, is also the ground for the implicit feminine claim of superior sensitivity and morality.

Patricia Meyer Spacks

The woman's mission is not to enhance the masculine spirit, but to express the feminine; hers is not to preserve a man-made world, but to create a human world by the infusion of the feminine element into all of its activities.

Margaret Thatcher

There is more difference within the sexes than between them.

Ivy Compton-Burnett

Unless one becomes a womb one never becomes pregnant with god. One cannot conquer god, one can't be aggressive - that is the sure way to fail. One can only surrender and allow god to happen. That's what the quality of being feminine really is. That is the essential core of meditation.


Unlike femininity, relaxed masculinity is at bottom empty, a limp nullity. While the female body is full of internal potentiality, the male is internally barren. Manhood at the most basic level can be validated and expressed only in action.

George Gilder

We are all engaged in the task of peeling off the false selves, the programmed selves, the selves created by our families, our culture, our religions. It is an enormous task because the history of women has been as incompletely told as the history of blacks.

Anais Nin

We'll never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinity of wealth.

Gloria Steinem

We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.

Gloria Steinem

We are born male or female, but not masculine or feminine.

Sandra Bartky

We have to be careful in this era of radical feminism, not to emphasize an equality of the sexes that leads women to imitate men to prove their equality. To be equal does not mean you have to be the same.

Eva Burrows

We may say that many, if not all, of the personality traits which we have called masculine or feminine are as lightly linked to sex as are the clothing, the manners, and the form of headdress that a society at a given period assigns to either sex.

Margaret Mead

What is human and the same about the males and females classified as Homo sapiens is much greater than the differences.

Estelle Ramey

What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.

Susan Sontag

What you're getting excited about is not A face, but a feminine face.

Andrew Cohen

What we ought to see in the agonies of puberty is the result of the conditioning that maims the female personality in creating the feminine.

Germaine Greer

When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things. Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine. We disown our passion, our creativity, and our sexuality. Eventually the Earth itself becomes a baneful place. I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, 'Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.

Alberto Villoldo

When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.

Teri Degler

Whenever a female takes a strong stand for herself, the majority of the time they have to really, really narrow it down to being feminine and wearing dresses and just being lipstick chic.

Michelle Rodriguez

While men represent powerful activity as assertion and aggression, women in contrast portray acts of nurturance as acts of strength.

Carol Gilligan

Women all over the world are trying in every possible way to behave like men. They are wearing men's clothes, smoking cigarettes like men, and whatsoever they can do. They use language like men have always used it, becoming arrogant, aggressive, losing the feminine quality. See the women of the liberation movement: they have lost something - something soft, feminine, receptive, passive, is no more there. They are aggressive, violent. They can't wait for another life. In this very life they are in a hurry, they want to become like men. They want the same jobs, the same kind of work, the same kind of freedom. Even if that freedom is just stupid, even if that job is hard, they want to prove that they can manage it, that they are not less than men. Their next life they are bound to be born as men.


Women are not the weak, frail little flowers that they are advertised. There has never been anything invented yet, including war, that a man would enter into, that a woman wouldn't, too.

Will Rogers

Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.

William Moulton Marston

You don't have to signal a social conscience by looking like a frump. Lace knickers won't hasten the holocaust, you can ban the bomb in a feather boa just as well as without, and a mild interest in the length of hemlines doesn't necessarily disqualify you from reading Das Kapital and agreeing with every word.

Elizabeth Bibesco

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