Energy Muse Jewelry Giveaway

I'd like to thank Energy Muse for sending me a lovely 5th Chakra necklace. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so I was naturally drawn to this unique piece. It is part of their Chakra Collection. Each piece has been cleansed and energized to amplify the healing powers of the gemstones. I was excited to wear this necklace and share my review.

Energy Muse 5th chakra necklace

Energy Muse has intentional based jewelry pieces that are fashionable and energized. Each piece uses specific gemstones that have healing properties. the goal is to set a specific intention, and visualize a desired outcome. The jewelry is used as a tool to activate your intention, and encourage peace and harmony in your life. It is recommended to wear the jewelry for 10 days straight for optimum results.

I was quite amazed by the results. I made specific intentions before wearing the necklace, and within the 10 days and beyond, positive changes have been happening to me. I don't want to get too personal, but my creative expression, communication and self confidence was greatly enhanced. I came up with awesome ideas for my business, and have been moving forward full speed ahead. I also got a few compliments stating that I look so balanced and peaceful from within. I would definitely recommend Energy Muse Jewelry, as they have a specific piece for every personal desire.

The 5th Chakra necklace is focused on creativity, communication and confidence. All of the gemstones used in this necklace have a purpose. When combined together, they form a strong energy field that helps to raise your personal vibration.

Here is a list of the specific gemstones in the 5th Chakra necklace:

Win an Energy Muse Health Charm

Energy Muse would like to giveaway a lovely Health Charm (Valued at $24.99) to one lucky winner. This charm has the Turquoise, Sodalite and Fancy Jasper gemstones with an Ancient Chinese Coin. It provides healing, protection and strength.

health charm

In order to win your free Energy Muse Health Charm, please do the following:

  1. Add LexiYoga on Twitter.
  2. Become a fan on Facebook.
  3. Subscribe on YouTube.
  4. Send a comment through Twitter/Facebook answering this question: What is your specific intention in your life for the next coming months?

The winner will be announced on Sunday November 13th.

Good luck to everyone! This is my fifth giveaway on my website. Stay tuned for more to come. I'd like to thank Energy Muse for providing the health charm as a gift.

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