ecoYoga Mat

Walking on earth makes you feel grounded, try practicing yoga on a real organic surface... I recently had the pleasure to experience the ecoYoga Canada earth-conscious and ethically-produced yoga mat. It's made from sustainably-grown 100% natural rubber and jute fiber. It feels like you're walking barefoot on the earth.

ecoYoga Mat

I was quite excited to try out this mat for my blog review. My initial reaction was that it seemed heavy, durable and strong. The surface is slightly rough as the jute fibers are visible, which creates great traction and grip. I definitely wasn't slipping in downward dog. The thickness isn't as squishy as other yoga mats, but it makes you feel stable, and grounded. You feel like you're practicing yoga on the earth, which is literally true because the mat is made from plant-based natural materials: rubber and jute.

Most yoga mats are made of toxic materials and PVCs, so using the ecoYoga mat deepens your awareness to the environment in a positive way. Do we really want to be practicing yoga on chemically made rubber and plastic, which can be absorbed into the skin, and bad for the environment, as hazardous waste materials? Probably not.

What an amazing concept and feeling, knowing that you're practicing yoga on an ethically-produced mat that is biodegradable and easily compostable in the garden at the end of its life.

The ecoYoga mats come in five colour choices: Deep Lavender, Lichen Green, Coral Red, Ash Grey and a Natural, no colour added mat. Two lengths are available: 72" and 84". I feel that this mat is worth its price tag, as it's long lasting and great for the environment. Around $90 for the 72" and $96 for the 84". You actually feel good using it. I love the connection to the earth while I practice yoga.

Check out ecoyogacanada.com to see their yoga mats.

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