Deodorants - Protection or Exposure to Health Hazards

What makes us choose a deodorant? - Its fragrance or its effectiveness?
Do we want our underarm skin dry and blocked or rather fresh and breathing?

underarm deodorant

The question in itself is divided into two aspects: feel/sensation and odor treatment. There is no natural link between these two aspects. Perspiration does not smell. Perspiration - is an automatic bodily function which regulates heat and drains toxins. Malodor does not belong to perspiration. Malodor is a result of bacterial activity on skin. The hungry bacteria devours the perspiration molecules (the waste that our body excretes) and considers it a dessert.

The mere opening of the perspiration molecule produces perspiration odor. Perspiration odor in itself is characteristic of any person individually and depends on metabolism, food intake (hot or stale) and life style - enough good sleep, physical activity, hormonal activity, genetics, etc.

As much as you want to avoid perspiration odor, it is recommended not to prevent perspiration itself!!!

Using a healthy product is most recommended.

Healthy deodorant:

It is recommended not to use a product which dries the underarm and turns it prone to itching, cracks and unfriendly shaving. Healthy deodorant immediately stops odor by natural ingredients beneficial to skin and anti-inflammatory hydrating ingredients.

King of Deodorants - as it is named among its loyal users, is a product in a form of cream, stick and roll-on which is applied to the underarm only in the area of hair growth. This is sufficient to prevent malodor for several days - 3 up to 7 days. You will be protected from odor during washing too. Water does not detract from its activity, as it is water resistant!

The revolutionary concept of Lavilin - stick, roll-on - makes it a unique flagship product - winning patented formulations for 3 decades in the prestigious market of dermo-cosmetics.

Lavilin Bio Balance - a series of odor neutralizers for the entire body.

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