A Real Man - 5 Minutes Daily Skin Care

When you look groomed, you reflect self awareness and high potential!

men's skincare

It is all in the head experts say! If so, you have to decide that you want to look well. When you are groomed, you are more confident of yourself and you communicate better with your surrounding. It is human nature to be attracted and to connect more easily to good looking individuals who are well- groomed.

In any meeting - whether it is job interview, business meeting, romantic rendezvous or family get together - when you are at your best you succeed in escaping daily routine, in decelerating the appearance of damages caused by age, in fulfilling your aspirations.

The ultimate Care is:

a) In case of the following shaving accidents

It is recommended to rinse face with lukewarm water (for softening hair), to apply lavishly cream/foam having softening properties, to shave against hair direction, using a new shaving blade (change blade every two weeks) with multi edge razor or electric shaver.

b) For purifying skin and prevention of blackheads and blemishes.

c) Around the eyes - where skin is most thin- spread a small amount of anti- aging cream and tap delicately with finger cushions, so that cream penetrates.

As to After-Shave - for your attention - alcohol is destructive to skin, it is preferable to use hydrating balm/light repair cream.

The ultimate kit awaits you:

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