Daily Greatness Yoga Journal

Most of us want to transform our lives in some way for the better. We want specific changes to happen, goals to achieve and negative patterns and habits to disappear. We feel a lack of control about our current challenging situations. Even if we do believe that the universe will provide for us, we notice that nothing is changing.

Daily Greatness Yoga Journal

I was so pleasantly thankful to receive a copy of the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal: Your Masterplan for a Beautifully Conscious Life for review. The timing is so perfect, as I’ve been thinking about daily journaling and intention setting to create positive changes in my life quite recently.

I’ve also been wanting to create and commit to a daily practice of yoga and meditation. These days I practice about 3-4 times a week, and those are the days that I do feel amazing. It’s all about time management. We have so many hours in a day that are spent doing non-productive things.

While flipping through the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal, I became inspired to create my own daily routine of positive action. This guide motivates you to bring together your mind, body and spirit to create the beautiful life that we all want.

With the commitment to change your daily routine, and check in with yourself every morning and night, you can make sure that you’re on the right path to transform your life and alter your destiny.

This journal is like a diary as well, as you can jot down your thoughts, feelings and moods for the day. In quarterly and yearly intervals you can reflect on your achievements, goals and yoga practice.

Caution! This yoga journal, if used every day, could radically transform, profoundly shape and dynamically alter your destiny!

Changing our daily routine, by creating a vision and focusing on the positive, can promote choices that will lead us to our ultimate destiny. It’s all about transforming our current choices into healthy ones, choices that feed and nurture our body, mind and spirit in a positive way.

When we begin to master our mindset and begin to make new choices unconsciously, like reaching for bean sprouts, that's when we know we have successfully upgraded our thinking and changed our habits for good. Only when we have upgraded our thinking and our habits can we expect different results in life.

This Yoga Journal is the ultimate guide to changing your life and making your dreams and desires come true. The idea of this journal would make a great gift for any yoga enthusiast or anyone curious about yoga and life transformation.

You can visit dailygreatness.co to see their journal collection.

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