Colette Barry

Author and Illustrator of Wall Yoga the Art of Centering, Colette Barry is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Through Colette's lifelong work in rehabilitation with her husband and her father, physicians of Chiropractic, she developed two programsWall Yoga and the Barry Method. Colette's programs goes far beyond muscle isolation creating a technique that includes using visual cues to connect the mind and body.

Colette Barry

These programs results in a harmonious muscle and overall body alignment. Claiming, "perfect alignment produces perfect results!"

Yoga for Migraine Headaches

The practice of yoga and deep breathing exercises can help reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. Yoga postures have a calming effect on your nervous system, which reduce stress and relax your mind.

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Did you know that yoga can be effective for back pain? Studies have shown that as you increase flexibility, strength and length to your spine with yoga postures, you develop a stronger and healthier back.

Weight Loss. Which is more Promising? Diet or Exercise?

When trying to lose weight, people often find it hard to set their dieting and workout plan. The hardest part is maintaining it regularly. Having patience and motivation is the key.

Yoga for Natural Birth

During pregnancy, women undergo physical and mental challenges that are well worth it in the end, as a bundle of joy is produced. Yoga can compliment a natural birth by teaching you how to let go of your fears.

What Can Pilates Do For You?

Pilates training involves body conditioning using proper breathing and correct alignment. It's great to develop a strong core and improved muscle elasticity and joint flexibility.

Learning to Let Go

With yoga you learn to let go, shed your worries and negativity and break free from your comfort zone. You allow your physical body to experience new limitations and challenges.