Clear Out Old Energy for the New Year

Written by Laura Morris.

Looking to increase your energy? Perhaps the home needs a boost? Your home may be storing stale energy and residue, so take advantage of the New Year to cleanse your space.

incense burner

Negative energy can come from many sources: depressing items or visual distractions, objects and places with a negative history, sharp objects pointing toward occupants. Stagnant energy often comes when clutter and dust accumulates or in dark and unused corners of the home. These types of chi can affect your energy by bringing you down and leaving you depleted.

Here are some quick ways to clear out old, stagnant energy in preparation for the Chinese New Year.


Give your home a good sweeping and cleaning. Clear out all the dust and dirt that has settled in corners, under beds, on top of cabinets. By sweeping you not only clean out the dirt but you get the air and chi moving.

Refresh Accessories

Change up your accessories. Refresh your living room or bedroom by adding new throw pillows, rugs and artwork. This can often give you new found inspiration. Try adding reds or oranges for more yang energy. Or if you want more healing energy use greens and yellow.

Change Furniture Layout

Try a furniture shuffle. Play with the layout of the furniture. Try the sofa in a new spot, move the TV and see how it feels. Your furniture may be blocking the path of chi and you may not even know it. Avoid blocking windows, openings into rooms and common traffic areas. Remember if you can't walk through easily neither can chi.

Burn Incense

Burn or smoke out the negative energy. Light candles, burn incense or smudge your space after you have given it a good cleaning. This will neutralize any remaining energy. I use a blend of herbs specifically for smudging that I get from Black River Gate House's (hyperlink www.blackrivergatehouse.com) Linda Rose at Toronto's St Lawrence Market. It is a mix of sweetgrass, white sage and cedar. Smoulder the leaves, wafting the smoke into corners and around the space where negative energy can get stuck.

Re-energize your Body

Spend some time and re-energize your body. A great way to remove energy blocks is to practice yoga. Using breath and movement you can work through stale energy that is trapped in the body and joints. Reiki and other forms of bodywork are also great ways to clear meridians.

Use Crystals

Use crystals to clear and absorb negative energy. I like to use clear quartz to gain clarity when my mind becomes cluttered. It can absorb, release and regulate energy. Smoky quartz is excellent for removing electromagnetic smog from computers and cell phones. Amethyst is great to aid in sleeping and meditation. A great source for crystals of all sorts is The Rock Store (hyperlink www.therockstore.ca) located in Markham Village in Toronto.

Hopefully this will help you to ring in the Chinese New Year with a deep cleansing of both space and spirit. It will leave you lighter and more energetic.

Laura Morris is a certified Feng Shui consultant. Please visit her website www.morrisfengshui.com for more information.

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