Christopher Oliphant

Christopher Oliphant is a life coach in Toronto that provides individual, couple and addiction coaching. He has been providing workshops and teachings for over 18 years and is known worldwide.

Spiritual Growth from Child to Adult

A child is awakened into this world with love & fulfillment. As we become adults we realize that there is no permanence in life, as the universe is impersonal.

Sex As Duty

Sex as duty is an expression of sexuality that can open the doors to creativity and intimacy that can deepen your relationship. Being sexually demanding can cause stress in some relationships.

Sex As Need

With acceptance and communication, sex as need can deepen intimacy between a couple. Christopher Oliphant explains how this type of sexual expression is tied to your self-esteem.

Sex as Filler

Many people have sex as a filler because of boredom or lack of purpose in life. These people may take up new sexual adventures for the sake of keeping them busy.

Sex As An Outlet

Sex as an outlet is accepting the desire for risk. It is a sexual expression for those that want aggression or submission. Christopher Oliphant explains that expressing your sexual needs in a healthy way is the best way.

Sex as Novelty And Exchange

Sex as novelty is when people need constant newness with their lovers. Sex as exchange is when you exchange sex for material items. Read more to find out why people act unconsciously with their lovers.

Sex as Spirituality

Sex as spirituality is when individuals use sexuality as an escape from the physical in order to disconnect from the body and reach another dimension.

Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance is about Yvonne who is living in an abusive, unhealthy, toxic relationship. She is learning how to cope with her challenges that she can't escape from.