Chi Kung - Creating Optimum Health

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

Most of the previous articles have dealt with various elements necessary to move towards a more healthy body. First, a description of Chi Kung explained that there is a life force within us, called chi, thought to be in the blood which feeds all our systems. Chi Kung is the energy work that keeps this all in balance. Then the five reasons to use Chi Kung was explained, the key ones being stimulating the immune system and reducing stress. Now it is time to put all this together in a package to create optimum health.


One only needs to listen to Oprah, Dr. Oz, Dr Phil and many more to realize that we are deeply interested, almost obsessed, with being healthy by whatever means seem to work. The progress of unhealthy behaviour and habits has grown to mammoth proportions. Many of us seem fed up with being constantly sick and having too many conditions ruin our quality of life. Equally perplexing is where to find the answers we seek. It is suggested that many sources play a role in this. Nutritionist can guide us to smarter food choices, especially paying close attention to the nutrition labels on the food we purchase.

Integrative doctors and practitioners can take us from our present state of disease to a state of harmonious and efficient body and energetic functions. Any professional that helps with relaxation and balance, like massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga practitioners and reflexologists, are also key players in this. Those well versed in spirituality and meditation also have much to offer. The Chi Kung practitioner is the one who has the skills to bring all the physical and energetic systems in balance.

So let's discuss the building blocks for optimum health. As much as this phrase has been misused and misunderstood, the beginnings of this journey is to understand who you are and truly love yourself. Loving yourself indicates a deep caring of what happens to you and an awareness that things that feel good are likely good and things that feel back probably are not. Once you reach a level of caring and keen awareness, you will easily recognize the disease within and perhaps even the cause. This also relates to unresolved trauma and stress from our past. This stage is very intense and not easy for most but if optimum health is your goal they are critical. At this point doctors and practitioners can move you from illness to health. Once you are at a point where disease no longer rules your life it is time to strengthen all systems.

This is where the Chi Kung practitioner's skills come in. Chi Kung stimulates the immune system strengthening it to prevent disease from take a strong foothold. Chi Kung also balances all the physical and energetic systems creating an efficient runny 'machine' ready to take on the world. Also Chi Kung can reduce and process stress so that energy is used to create optimum health not fight disease.

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