Chi Kung and Your Immune System

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

Last month I wrote about five reasons why one should use Chi Kung. One of these key reasons was to stimulate your immune system. The Chinese scientists have done many clinical studies in hopes to prove and discover how Chi Kung accomplishes this. These studies conclusively proved that practicing this art helps to build a very strong defence system known as your immune system. These studies were inconclusive in determining the delivery system from a scientific and measurable point of view. Through the years the master have presented what they believe is at work to help create optimum health.

immune system

So let me take you through the journey I have been taught by the Masters of this art. We first need to clearly understand that our bodies have two systems, one of which is physical and the other aspect is energetic. Although we may appear solid we are made up of millions of cells held together by the movement of atoms and their related energy. One might liken this to a radio receiver. Until radio waves (energy) comes in contact with the radio it can't make any sound. For the beginning our creator made us in such a way that everything worked fine and we were in a state of perfect health. We were also given an immune system to protect us, preventing disruptions and disease from taking a foothold. But like any fine tuned machine various factors began to weaken this state.

The ancient Chinese Masters discovered energy work that was effective in restoring this balance. In time they called this Chi Kung which literally means energy work. The technique was extremely simple. One breathes in through the nose gather in universal chi and then breathes out through the mouth sending this chi where needed. The results are restoring all the chakras and meridians back to point of homeostasis when the body is once again efficient and balanced. It is believed that when your energetic and physical systems are in this state there is no injury or disease that cannot be conquered. It simply just works as it was intended.

I personally strongly believe in this reasoning. I was a very sickly man 15 years ago. I had asthma, chronic episodes of colds, flu bugs and pneumonia and generally unhealthy, being grossly overweight. Within a year of seriously studying Chi Kung, I was rarely sick and started feeling healthier. Even my family doctor cannot help but believe that there is some substance to this belief. I was asked to help my ex wife when she contracted flesh eating disease. She lost quite a bit of flesh on her leg and the doctors told her it would at least six months before the leg healed enough to have a skin graft. With several Chi Kung sessions she had baffled the doctors when she was ready in only two.

We live in times surrounded by disease and toxins that compromise our immune system. We hear often that we only use ten percent of our brain. Perhaps we only use this part of our immune system as well. It is believed that we can cure anything within us if we tap into this source. May I suggest that Chi Kung is the key to opening this up. We have a heavily burdened health system that is severely taxed to the limit trying to fight disease instead of preventing them. We put millions and millions of dollars into a cure for cancer and AIDS when a way to prevent this all could be at our finger tips. The simple yet powerful art of Chi Kung is the miracle cure we seek to make our lives whole again. We need to listen to the inner callings of our bodies and embrace it.

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