Chi Kung and Pregnancy

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

Undeniably, there is one experience that a woman goes through that taxes every system, both energetic and physical. Pregnancy is the most challenging thing a woman will experience on so many different levels. It is the only 'growth' within our bodies that our immune system doesn't reject. As a male, I will not pretend to know what a pregnant woman goes through. However though the understanding of the energetic system and the skills of Chi Kung, it is believed that a practitioner can significantly reduce the stress that the body must endure in this nine month process. A unique program of energy massages and breathing exercises can create a positive natural harmonious birth with considerably less pain and stress.


There is no doubt that most women are saying, 'Ya right'. Let me guide you through several steps to see if you can be intrigued with the possibilities. First, let's review some previous concepts. Stimulating the immune system and reducing stress are the key advantages of using Chi Kung. Any discussion of body functions and related diseases must include aspects of these two results. As mentioned above, the immune system allows this growth. Aside from this the mother and the fetus need protection from diseases that could compromise the developing child and/or the mother. A very efficient dynamic and strong immune system is critical throughout the pregnancy. Colds and flus are very dangerous at key stages. There are so many toxin and pollutants, not to mention a great number of diseases to fight off. Chi Kung is well positioned to assist in preventing these entering the body causing problems.

All aspects of pregnancy are extremely stressful. This may be a labour of love but it still takes a toll on the body. There are a lot of changes experienced to make the birth possible. Chi Kung can help balance the body to work at supreme efficiency to help make these functions gentler to attain. The birth itself is the greatest example. The mother and the newborn need to work in harmony as one in order to go through the birth channel without great pain and anxiety. It is very difficult to remain positive with so many changes causing stress, anxiety and bad moods. Chi Kung can provide many tools in order to create a positive loving process.

For those interested in a further detailed study. 'Qi Energy for Health and Healing' by Mallory Fromm, Ph.D has a chapter devoted to pregnancy offering many insights and routines to create a more 'gentler' harmonious birth. He uses the experiences of his pregnant wife to validate the methods used. It is believed that woman can access a super chi to keep the energetic and physical systems working well. I urge any pregnant women and those planning to have a child to seek out the wonders of Chi Kung to create a more harmonious 'gentler' birth.

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