Chi Kung and Autoimmune Diseases

immune system

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

One of the most perplexing medical issues is people who have autoimmune diseases. This is where something goes wrong with your immune system. Normally your immune system attacks viruses and bacteria foreign to your body. With autoimmune disorders, the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy cells causing issues difficult to heal. There are over 80 disorders classified as autoimmune disorders. Patients who have these disorders have an immune system that cannot distinguish between healthy cells/tissue and antigens, toxins, viruses, bacteria etc.

Some example of these diseases are: Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Celiac Disease (Gluten Sensitivity), HIV and AIDS. Most of these are treated using steroids and immune suppressors both of which cause other issues and make one more susceptible to other diseases. The medical profession is perplexed as to how these diseases happen nor have effective treatments been created. Chi Kung may be the treatment of the future for many reasons.

If we start with the premise that it is unlikely our creator would develop a being that couldn't heal itself, then we need to discover what is getting in the way of this. Most Chi Kung masters would agree that lack of a balanced fully functional dynamic energetic system is the main cause of disease of any kind in this world. The Chinese believe that when all the meridians and the chakras are in balance the result is an energetic system and a body that runs at its optimum ability.

In previous articles it was stated that the Chi Kung stimulates the immune system which has been proven in clinical studies. To put this concept in autoimmune terms, Chi Kung restores the immune system to a balanced state so that it now recognizes the difference between healthy tissue and toxins. Once this occurs an evolution occurs creating the elements which could eliminate the condition.

Chi Kung is energy work that deals with the entire body and energetic system. Because one doesn't pin-point nor concentrate on a particular area it is an all-inclusive healing. There are many benefits of using Chi Kung which may contribute to the ultimate processing and elimination of the disease. This relates to any disease not just those classified as autoimmune.

The increased relaxation, the elimination of stress, worry and anxiety, and improved circulation might be all that is needed to restore us to wholeness. Keep in mind that all of this is available to individuals without the benefit of a practitioner. Chi Kung allows each person to determine their own needs gaining control over their own healing process.

Autoimmune disorders tend to be the most difficult to understand and treat effectively. It is not that medical science has failed in overcoming this group of diseases, but perhaps has yet to discover methods in the future. Chi Kung has these tools now, despite not being completely understood. Unlike the multitude of side effects of present treatments, Chi Kung naturally brings the body back in balance facilitating the healing process. I would urge anyone suffering with an autoimmune disorder to seek out the services of a practitioner.

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