Chi Kung and Aging

Written by Wayne Bilyk.

It was mentioned on the website that Chi Kung can assist in slowing the aging process. One need only watch various commercials and talk shows to understand that we are obsessed with looking younger on the outside. We are constantly bombarded with products to do so. It is much more important to be young on the inside, meaning our heart, digestion and nervous system etc need to run at peak efficiency. It would be like entering a car race with a very good looking exterior but a poorly tuned engine. Chi Kung is one of the key tools in accomplishing this.

chi kung and aging

One would ask how the art of Chi Kung could accomplish this. This brings us back to a discussion of the immune system. Everything in our bodies revolves around having a dynamic, efficiently running immune system to ensure that each system not only works well but works in harmony. We have been designed to have all our systems work well but we live in a world where many things alter that, be it pollution, toxins, bacteria, viruses or any other bad habit and the like. Our immune system is designed to prevent any element of imbalance from happening if it hasn't been compromised. Again one may ask what this has to do with aging. Let's discuss the three critical systems to understand this clearly.

The chi (life force) is believed to flow though our blood. Blood flows through every part of our body reaching all elements of our vital organs in particular. Our heart pumps this vital energy so that every element of our body benefits, minimizing the natural wear and tear (stress) on us. It is very important to have harmony and balance in this organ. Having an efficient working heart reduces the risk of heart disease and helps up to live a quality of life beyond the average. When these conditions are present aging will slow as the organs require little energy. Going back to our car example, the engine will have less wear and tear if it is properly maintained and using efficient fuel.

Our digestive system is yet another major system within our body. A poor immune system can allow toxins to remain, wearing us down and allowing disease to settle in. As stated earlier the immune system is once again a key element in helping the system work well with the result of slowing the aging process. Of course this is relative as well. The average person lives to a certain age. I am suggesting that it doesn't have to be this way. It is critical that this system works well, especially to prevent dangerous consequences such as cancer. Again going back to the car example elimination of dirt and other elements with reduce the length of time the car can run.

The last system to discuss is the nervous system. Again working close with the immune system, the thousands of nerves alert the immune system to spring to action taking care of whatever is about to harm us. Efficient nerve paths can keep us alive and well not only extending our lives but helping to make sure we do not age any faster than necessary.

We constantly complain about the aging process looking for ways to slow down the process, be it creams or magic cures. Chi Kung is a natural method to accomplish this and it is within all of us. I studied with a Master who was 72 and looked considerably younger than his age showed and he was physically fit and healthy enjoying a quality of life a man half his age. It is suggested that you take these steps to enjoy this as well.

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