Charmed Design Jewelry Review

I'd like to thank Charmed Design Jewelry for sending me a beautiful handmade silk wrap bracelet with an elephant charm. The silk used in the bracelet is hand painted and has multi colored tones of pinks, greys and purple. Together with the black edging, you get a stunning unique bracelet. I just love the color combination.

Charmed Design Elephant Bracelet

Since the silk wrap is 42 inches long, you can wrap it around your wrist a couple times, and either tuck the ends under, or tie a little knot, if you can, and you have a gorgeous soft, silk wrap bracelet. It can also be worn as a necklace, so you can match it to your outfit, and it becomes a stylish and trendy piece of jewelry.

I was drawn to the elephant charm on the bracelet because elephants are considered lucky animals. This is an Indian and Chinese belief. These large creatures are very powerful, strong, and long-lived. An elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom and happiness.

On the Charmed Design website, there are so many different bracelet choices, with various charms that are both inspirational, fun, and trendy. These bracelets would make an awesome gift for any yoga enthusiast or someone who loves silk wrap bracelets in gorgeous colors.

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