Chakras By Didi Review

When I first went to the Chakras By Didi website, I was stunned by their colorful collection of yoga garments. I found them to be very fun and attractive, so naturally it was a treat for me to receive a few samples for review.

I'd like to thank Chakras By Didi for sending me some lovely yoga tops. Each tank is unique with a different yoga posture on the front, with it's Sanskrit name below. I got the Warrior One (Virabhadrasana I) Yoga Tank Top in earth brown and a lovely T-Shirt that says: What's This Pose? in lilac.

Chakras By Didi

I just love this fashionable idea, as it's quite creative, in a sense that it's not just your typical solid yoga tank that you see most people wearing in yoga classes.

It's great that you can choose your favorite yoga posture on your very own tank, which makes it a bit more personal. It's functional, beautiful and you'll get noticed.

This classic collection of yoga wear is 2x2 ribbed, and made of 100% cotton. It feels so soft and comfortable on your skin, which is important while practicing yoga, as you want to be able to move freely, while holding the postures.

I would say that shopping at Chakras By Didi would be a fun experience, as you have many colors to choose from. They also have yoga pants and a men's collection with yoga postures as well. The cost of each tank is $38.00 for women, and $45.00 for men, which is quite reasonable for the comfort and style that you're getting. This yoga inspired clothing line would make an amazing gift for any yoga enthusiast.

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