Can Yoga help you find your Valentine?

Written by Vish Iyer.

The word Yoga comes from the root word, Yuj meaning yoking or joining or merging to become one. What is love? It is to become one with your partner at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Hence Yoga by virtue of giving you tools to experience love through its powerful scientific system is one of the fastest ways to find love. Being in a state Yoga is being in a state of love!


Finding love through Yoga involves powerful practices of meditation and breathing which transform you from the inside out thereby creating a vortex within you to be a magnet for your soul mate. We know from what Einstein has said that matter can be converted to energy and vice versa. Everything in the Universe is energy according to science. The Yoga masters called this energy Prana or intelligent magnetic life energy of the Universe. As you increase Prana at your body, mind and Soul level, you can manifest anything you want by the power of your magnetism. Yogis say every moment you are either magnetizing or attracting things for your highest good or demagnetizing or pushing away those that are for your highest good for ex; the love of your life.

An increase in Prana builds awareness of how who you really are!

Without practice of Yoga it is highly unlikely for someone to attract their soul-mate without first knowing themselves at the "core" or at least making serious attempts in that direction.: "Fix the inside, and as night follows day , the out-side will take care of itself. " Finding love through Yoga is not about love at first sight, it is about harmonizing your consciousness with the universal science of the law of attraction.

Why do we fail in love?

You fail in love not because you are not a nice person. You hear people say that "I broke up because the chemistry wasn't right". Yoga says, behind chemistry is energy (Prana) and the quality of this energy determines the quality of relationship you are going to attract and how long you keep this relationship. You have failed in love because you are in a state of demagnetism, like a hamster on a wheel spinning over and over with no results. You can date all you want, be excite, have sex, unless you fix the Prana inside you, which truly connects you with your Soul. It is going to be challenging to find that Soulmate because you are not ready.

Now the question is how do you get ready to attract a Soulmate? What should you do now?

Is there something called being ready for love and how to go about getting ready? The truth is: You can never be ready for love because every moment you are in love. You are floating in love because that is your nature. Let me rephrase two fundamental questions which is really the subtext: Are you ready for a relationship? Are you in touch with the love within yourself to be ready?

An average human spends 8 hours at work. For example, to be a software engineer it takes 16 years of schooling. If you want to be a doctor it takes 20 years of schooling. All for what? To be eligible to perform your given task with precision.

If you spend an average of 8 hours with your husband or wife (assuming you are completely in love), wouldn't you need some level of training in love to be eligible to enjoy the benefits being in love? If you need training to deal with computers how much more training would you need to deal with the most complex machinery known to man? Another human being! A human is made of thousands of thoughts, feeling, emotions, trillions of cells is a very complex entity. Love is an extraordinarily powerful force (it really can move mountains). To be able to activate this force you need the required wisdom. You couldn't give an atom bomb with a flimsy switch to a child, the same way you couldn't wield powerful force of love on another human being without getting the required training in having power over regulating your own emotions, thoughts, feelings, speech and desires. How many have you analyzed your past relationship and just wished "if only him or I just didn't react the way we did", "if only he changes that habit, I could love him forever.". The single most cause of breakups is due to this lack of training (expressing itself as overreaction, emotional instability, lack of commitment etc;) available in making you fit for love.

One of the key goals of Yoga practice is to help you achieve power over your own emotions so that you can feel love incessantly and always feel loved without that love diminishing. You will also learn the ability to love with wisdom (the exact mechanics of how Yoga does it warrants another detailed blog).

Keeping in mind, the enormous need, to regulate emotions, as a key ingredient for successful relationships, I developed the Yoga and Love Program based on my personal experience and training in Yoga for more than three decades. I am not here to theorize about love; I offer tools in a time-honored and time-tested system, and if you practice them sincerely, your own experience will become your testimony!

The program emphasizes transformation in both your inner environment and in your outer lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to increase your personal magnetism (by making you emotionally balanced and powerful) so that you can be a magnet that attracts your one true love to you.

The nucleus of the self-transformation program is a simple Yoga ritual (or routine) you are to practice morning and night for six months. Humans are creatures of habit, and a systematized ritual of super-powerful techniques practiced over a six-month period will bring such amazing changes to your life that you may not recognize yourself!

The inner work of the Yoga and Love program focuses on three Yoga techniques which are critical keys for love:

  1. Yoga breathing for emotional healing and balance
  2. Love meditation
  3. Mantra practice

The outer lifestyle work is optional, but highly recommended. It is comprised of these four love keys:

  1. Yoga diet
  2. Yoga stretching and workout
  3. Living a purposeful life or your dharma
  4. Transmuting sexual energy into creative expression and building magnetism

You will have results if you apply these super-powerful techniques of self-transformation—which have been practiced in the Yoga tradition for eons—to your life. You will attract your love, period! Through the principles expressed in this book, I am giving you the right way and the right tools to seek and find, and to allow that person to come into your life.

Without a deep connection with ourselves first, we cannot have a corresponding deep connection with another person. In the words of William Shakespeare, "To thy own self be true." In fact, the Yogis call not having a connection with ourselves as 'not being in touch with the very essence of our being, our Soul.' We cannot expect to attract an ideal relationship if we are not in touch with the innermost core being of ourselves!

A lasting Soul-help mate relationship itself involves two people working toward fulfilling their inherent desires of their hearts and minds to merge into one, to have a deeper Soul-Soul connection. In such a Soul friendship relationship, we help each other grow and be in touch with each other; this is the natural state of love. Once you get fit for love, you will attract this relationship to you, where you will find out for yourself that it is a relationship of pure bliss, pure joy, and harmony the way love was meant to be.

Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity. The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death. Tomorrow, when resurrection comes, The heart that is not in love will fail the test.


Yoga way of making a list to find love for Valentine

  1. Make a list of the best qualities, things you have, which you can GIVE. What is that beautiful quality, thing you can offer, is there something really special within you, what is that? Identify that first! (In my case, it was spirituality, I introduced her to meditation, taught Deypika meditation for the first time, during sunset)
  2. Make a list of non-negotiable qualities (for eg: psycho and drug addicts off-limits)
  3. Make a list of values, character traits which you admire
  4. A list of other outer things like job, looks, height, weight etc;

A soulful, sincere Yoga approach will activate the great laws of creation to send you a superb, stable mate, your Valentine!!

About Vish and Yoga and Love

Vish Iyer

For the first Time in the western world, comes a book on finding love, true love, that's not based on superficial attraction, dating – tricks or hype rather love – wisdom based on time honored Yoga tradition of India. If you thought Yoga can only fix your physical kinks, you will be in for a pleasant awakening after reading this book! Yoga and love is often called the think and grow rich of relationships. It starts where the secret left off.

Vish, best selling author, is on a mission to heal 15 million singles and couples in the next two years. His unique system of Finding your Soulmate through Yoga stems from his Yoga lineage of several thousand years combined with his science background and personal experience of finding his Soulmate on a movie set. Vish often described as combination of Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins is a leading relationship and world renowned meditation expert.

To book Vish for speaking assignment or set up a private coaching please visit www.yogaandlove.com and you can email him at vish@yogaandlove.com.

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