Bum Deal for the Young People!

Written by Vera Del Vecchio.

It is truly a bum deal our young people today.

Why? Look at what the past generations left them:

young people

The way of the future that we are seeing more of is self reliance through contract work and self employment.

A healthy society and quality of life is substantially reduced through mental and physical sickness, diseases, and depression.

Education is very challenging with the technical age. Essential fundamental teachings of reading, writing and arithmetic are being lost with the dependence on computers, calculators, phones, and machines. The art of communication is being transformed into an 'instant satisfaction world' resulting in miscommunication, egotism, loss of etiquette and manners, loss of integrating with others as a community, family, and belonging.

Anger, resentment, violence and depression are on the rise with little answer for resolutions.

Lack of Government support, security and confidence are growing all around us with many corruptions and control of the people.

With all the advancement in the Health Industry through the ages, there is emerging more diseases, epidemics and even staying in a hospital a path to getting sicker with all the viruses going around.

Debt has on the rise. Students face escalating costs in education, and books resulting in debt for student loans. Thousands of dollars of debt before they could even get a head start in a job placement!

Even becoming a volunteer could cost you travel time and cost of living expenses.

The past generation has left a sad, dirty, polluted, and full of debt, mess of a world for the new generation to clean up. If cleaning and reviving is possible of our world, the thought of it is not only most depressing, but a huge challenge of effort and financial responsibilities.

Birth deaths and infertility are on the rise in North America.

Youth today are finding it more challenging to move out of the family home for financial and insecure reasons, and if they do, have no choice but to rent a room because of financial reasons.

Sexuality, homosexuality, marriages, religions, diverse ethnic groups and cultural traditions are becoming a mesh of confusion is paving the way to a new outlook of human living and communities.

Nuclear individual living and Nuclear families are more and more becoming the norm resulting in a loss of the support net of family and community.

Some families are dysfunctional with the parents at a loss of direction to teach, direct and support for the children, or the children are supporting parents with difficulties in addictions, broken marriages and financial losses.

In many cultures in the past generations, grandparents played an important vital role in providing support, teachings and wisdom in children's lives for a very strong family and community. Today, many grandparents are not wanted, included, or appreciated by youth, families and community. The lack of computer age knowledge is a huge factor to draw a barrier to connect with the older generation.

All the monies that are raised for the 'supposed good' for research and new drugs could be used for health prevention, quality of life education with education with diet, foods, exercise, and yoga.

Yes it is a depressing world for youth to face today with a huge challenge every way you look at it.

The Youth today can focus on the terrible things today, so why bother trying? It won't make a difference. Why don't I just give up and blame everyone for this terrible thing that has been done to me. You have every right to feel anger, resentment and depression about everything!

With a new light on what is happening today:

Freedom like never before to go for ideas to pave the way.

Travel, diversity of peoples.

Education more than ever before.

Computer age of instant information.

Communication of instant information.

People are living longer than ever - more and more people living over 100.

Better access to foods, diversity, health education, and life giving medical technology.

More than ever people reaching out to help and volunteer in world disasters.

We are making changes to better the world - preserving forests, rain forests, parks, animals, cleaning up pollution in land and waters.

It used to be the world was so polluted with wood and coal heating and industry - the air was thick. I remember as a child I would walk on the beaches of Lake Ontario and it would be normal to see dead fish on the shore and slime on the beaches. We don't see that any more.

The Medical Industry has made it possible to transplant organs, and many new amazing technologies and operations that saved and made many lives.

We are seeing less and less barriers in what once was a huge barrier when it comes to your sex, sexuality, races, religion and traditions that has become open minded thinking, accepted and welcomed.

The USA has a Black President. Not that long ago, that would has been almost impossible. Doesn't that tell all of us that anything is possible for anyone to achieve any possibility!

Spirituality, self growth of knowledge and compassion for yourself and others is growing throughout the world. Look at the Dali Lama, Emma, and the Yoga, and Tai Chi Communities.

You may have to work a little harder in a much more challenging environment? You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. The World can be beautiful and perfectly imperfect. You may just have to put on some rose coloured glasses and make the world what you want to choose to see!

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