BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box

I just received my BuddhiBox filled with goodies in the mail. They create these boxes full of yogi-friendly products that are sent to you every month. It's like receiving a surprise birthday present every month. Not only do you enjoy the cool and interesting products in the box, but a portion of the sales goes to a different charity each month, so subscribing is like giving back to the community and good karma.


The concept of the BuddhiBox is pretty much taking the time to care for yourself, and do things that make you happy. The monthly care package is a reminder of that. To honor and care about your wellbeing. Receiving a box of happiness with items that are organic, non-toxic and mindful. It's like yoga delivered to your door...

Wha'ts inside this month:

Coye Candle Co. Blood Orange 4 oz. Candle

While you're meditating or just relaxing after a long day, you can light up this blood orange candle, which smells amazing. It's 100% pure soy wax that's made with all-natural, eco-friendly and pure essential oils. I can't wait to light this candle.

Dye Ties' Groovy Hair Ties

When your hair is in the way during a yoga class, these groove hair ties' come to the rescue. The colors are vibrant, and can match any outfit. They are hand dyed and tied in the USA and won't damage or pull your hair like other elastics. What a great stylish choice for your hair.

Great Soles Yoga Socks

These ballet inspired socks are feminine and add style to your yoga workouts. They provide grips on key contact points, so you would never slip in downward position. These soles are very useful for your at home yoga practice on floors, or as a comfy sock around the house. I find these so cute.

Jo-Sha Essential Oil Wipes

These gentle wipes can be used to cleanse and disinfect your hands, feet, yoga mat or any other equipment. The aromatherapy scents are all-natural and are meant to calm and soothe your body, mind and spirit. Now your yoga mat can smell good.

Real Beauty Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

This scrub smells so good, that you just want to eat it. It looks like pure coconut, and great for scrubbing dry areas like your elbows or knees. Made with organic sugar cane granules, coconut oil and lemon essential oil to hydrate and heal your skin. I love this stuff.

Raw Revolution Organic Bar

This bar is so delicious and tasty. It's a convenient way to nourish your body. It's made with organic superfoods that are mostly raw ingredients. What a great snack after a yoga class.

Yoga Digest Magazine

A yoga inspired magazine about healthy living for those who have a passion for yoga and natural living like me. A great read!

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