Bia Brazil Fitness Wear

I recently received two lovely workout outfits from Bia Brazil Canada, which are super stylish, colorful and unique. They definitely make a fashion statement.

I got to visit their store One Hot Tamale Fitness Wear Boutique in Toronto, where I tried on various outfits. It was quite overwhelming, as they had workout wear in every color possible, from bright pink to orange and yellow. Lot's of different color combinations as well.

I was drawn to the red tank top and capri pants, as it's a gorgeous shade of dark red. The capri pants have some white at the bottom, which adds some contrast.

Bia Brazil Wear

The other outfit I got was a turquoise brown and white animal print top with blue denim capri pants that look like jeans. They even have two pockets at the back. I thought they were so cute. I've never seen anything like it before.

Bia Brazil Wear

The fabric is made of Supplex, which has a soft cottony feel to it. It's shrink and fade resistant, and dries faster than cotton. This would be perfect for hot yoga, as it will keep you drier.

Bia Brazil Fitness was created in 1994, and now exports to countries around the globe. Every thing is made in Brazil.

The Bia Brazil Fitness wear is very modern and fashion forward. It's definitely suited for the outgoing, stylish workout girl types who are tired of the typical plain fitness wear that's out there.

Use the code 'lexiyoga' at their One Hot Tamale Fitness Wear Boutique in Toronto for a 10% discount. This amazing store sells Bia Brazil Wear exclusively in Ontario.

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