The Many Benefits of Yoga

Written by Jill Andrews.

Yoga can be an intimidating practice for anyone. Concentration? Flexibility? Strength? These can all be difficult to achieve and may deter you from even trying to start with yoga. However, the many benefits of yoga can be enough to draw people in. Most people know that yoga can reduce stress and, in turn, this can reduce stress-related issues such as insomnia or fatigue. However, in addition to these great benefits, yoga may also help prevent or manage chronic conditions, including back pain and even heart disease.

benefits of yoga

Good for the Heart

Yoga may help in heart disease prevention. Most people know that stress is a risk factor for heart disease. Studies are showing that yoga may decrease risk factors for cardiovascular disease through its relieving effect on stress. The simple act of quiet breathing and meditation might help to reduce the blood pressure, and therefore put less strain on the heart.

Aids in Weight Maintenance

Yoga can have a positive effect on the maintenance of a healthy weight. The best way to accomplish this is to work at an intensity that challenges you, but does not overwhelm you. Many of yoga's poses require great balance and with time core stability can be improved. As a result, muscle tone and even cardiovascular benefits can be attained as the practice is mastered.

Eases Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression may be reduced or managed through the art of yoga. Managing either of these conditions often requires positive coping skills such as learning to breathe, relax, and be at peace. Yoga is a form of exercise that encourages and fosters these skills in people and therefore it can be a positive coping mechanism.

Reduces Back Pain

Finally, yoga can provide relief from chronic back pain. Studies have shown that the gentle stretches in yoga and the focus on non-impact movements can be highly beneficial in easing back strain that might only be further aggravated by conventional forms of exercise.

It is apparent that yoga can be great for the body, mind, and soul. However, given the many benefits mentioned above, we now more reasons to pursue yoga. There is no need to be intimidated. Even a little bit of yoga and go a long way and it is important to realize that you do not need to be the best and tackle the hardest elements. Yoga is your practice that you can pursue at you r pace and desire. The many benefits for your body and mind can be the extra incentive or reward for participating in this art form.

Jill Andrews writes regularly for various websites and publications. She holds a Bsc (Biochemistry) and a Bsc (Occupational Therapy) and enjoys reading and writing in her spare time.

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